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Of Taiwan area " Tang Lv grinds read meeting "
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Be in Taiwan area, of all kinds read confused of meeting extraordinary splendour is shown, active each corners in Taiwan. In numerous form read in the meeting, seminary at Taiwan university " Tang Lv grinds read meeting " especially conspicuous. 2007 5, between June, the author is used grind in the stage during repairing, ever made to it was investigated and make an on-the-spot investigation, show now act according to at everybody before, in an attempt to benefits somewhat.
One, " Tang Lv grinds read meeting " historical general situation
"Tang Lv grinds read can " it is one kind when introduce from Japan reads means. According to the convener brillant person professor introduction, this kind reads the tradition that means is our China originally reads means, but our later generations forgot this kind to read gradually means. Should grind read can begin 1994, 1994 to 1996 is basic research phase, basically depend on individual interest and special skill, unscramble clause of Tang Lv section literally one by one first, and the viewpoint with historiography, discuss the evolution gradual progress that China law fastens, also analyse is talked already some composition. 1997 school year are spent grind read the job to pause, each member studies a result according to his, the research that compose can publish reports, the delibrate achievement that comes 3 years with show and meditating. Spend from 1998 school year begin, should grind read meeting change to depended on individual interest article to unscramble means only in the past, and by what have general principles quality " Tang Lv is scanty law of exemple of the name that discuss · " begin, unscramble according to foreword, continuously up to now. Come more than 10 years, tang Lv grinds read can have unscrambled ending Tang Lv in succession 277, exceed Tang Lv entire article (502) 1/2.
2, " Tang Lv grinds read meeting " organization and member
"Tang Lv grinds read meeting " fasten by Taiwan university history brillant person the professor holds the position of a convener, associated desk is big, politics big, division waiting for school history greatly is big, article with law faculty teachers and students undertakes grinding reading, the member includes professor of historiography bound, law group, graduate student and university department student. We are united in wedlock from what next watches can see this kind of discipline in general view of main member brief introduction, what be us thereby is interdisciplinary consider to provide beneficial inspiration jointly.

General view of main member brief introduction

Full name record of formal schooling is in-service discipline special skill
Brillant person professor of reputation of university of Taiwan of doctor of literature of Japanese Tokyo university. Teach the Tang Shi that award the Sui Dynasty, China ancient time of legal history, East Asia part-time history
Germany of old benefit strong and pervasive fragrance Ligensi jurisprudential department teachs college of politics of university law doctor civil code relative, civil code legal system of successive, China history
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