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Miscellaneous bank note of bibliography of research of American Qing Dynasty his
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1, Chesneaux, jean; Marianne Bastid; Marie-Claire Bergere. China From The Opium Wars To The 1911 Revolution. Anne Destenay, tr. New York: Pantheon Books, 1976.
Thank Nuo, Basidi, Bai Jier: " China: Arrive from the Opium War revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches " , anne Destenay interpret, new York: Books of favour of Pan a place of strategic importance publishs a company (Pantheon Books) , 1976
[by] this 3 average per capita are French historian.
Xie Nuo (Chesneaux, jean) : Parisian university East Asia considers to fasten a director, contemporary East Asia considers to teach. France is latter-day the author that studies with contemporary China.
Maryann Basidi Bu Er of law Ji Ai (Marianne Bastid-burguiere, 1940, ) , group leader of task of research of scientific research center of French whole nation and contemporary China research center (Centre De Recherche Et De Documentation Sur La Chine Contemporaine: CNRS) senior researcher, chairman of European Sinology association. The China that Ba Sidi teachs studies, very important one part is about Chinese history, especially 1804, the Chinese mordern history between 1911. Her Cenghe France is latter-day the author that studies with contemporary China thanks Nuo (compose of Jean Chesneaux) collaboration " the Chinese history of 1840 one 192l " . She still is chief editor of Fei Zhengqing of American Sinology home " Cantabrigian China history " compose the one chapter in part of clear minor details, collect at " Cantabrigian China evening is clear history " , the problem is " social changes trend " .
Bai Jier (Marie-Claire Bergere) : Institute of language of French Paris state-maintaineding east holds French society science part-time research of advanced institute China and data center director.
2, Chow, gregory. "Globalization And China Since 1840: A Historical Overview " , harvard China Review, vol. 4. No. 1, fall 2003, PP.6, 9.
Zou Zhizhuang: " the history of globalization and China is summarized since 1840 " , " haing Buddha China is commented on " the 4th the first, 2003 autumn, the 6th, 9 pages
[press] Zou Zhizhuang (Chow, gregory) , rank the 743rd, economy of American Princeton university fastens a professor, researcher of Taiwan China academy. In the United States university of health like this obtained bachelor's degree 1951, obtained doctor's degree of Chicago university economics 1955. He studies the domain includes: Econometrics, dynamic economics and the ration with Chinese academic economy study. Zou Zhizhuang discovers with its " Zou examines Chou-test " ) famed at the world, at present law of this check proved recipe studies in the econometrics the respect gets applied extensively.
3, Cohen, myron L. "State And Society During The Qing Dynasty, 1644, 1911 " , ainslie T. Embree And Carol Gluck, eds. , asia In Western And World History: A Guide For Teaching. Armonk, n.Y. : M. E. Sharpe, 1977, pp.523, 560.
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