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" Chinese law talks a clump " (annual) solicit contributinos enlightenment
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" Chinese law talks a clump " be by modernization of legal system of college of law of university of Chinese politics and law politics of China of courtyard of law of university of research center, Hua Zhongke ability and legal research center, external courtyard of law of classics trade university is compared law and. This print considers to be a tenet with boosting Chinese law and social transition issue, what treat theory with the law is omnibus and interdisciplinary research is characteristic, with promoting law " Chinese problem " research is a target, comprehensive report law and social transition, law and social changes and legal system, law runs the important science gain that waits for a respect.

Limits of this print selection of subject is as follows:
-- law theory and practice research, include law and democracy, law and freedom, law and justice to wait for law value issue among them, law nation problem, the problem such as construction of state of law of Chinese characteristic socialism.
-- research of legal modernization problem, the modernization that includes traditional legislation among them, different way that compares development of law of the each country below law perspective and mutual influence, developing country (emphasize particularly on South Asia, latin america, Africa) modern legal development problem. Exceed national law and research of international law problem. Law and social transition problem study, include social transition and legal changes among them, law and city are changed, the problem such as the legal order in transition of the changes of culture of law and the evolution of industrialized, modernistic law and rural law order, law, society.
-- law and research of human rights problem, specific include theory of human rights foundation, the practice process that convention of relevant international human rights is in China, citizen politics right, migrate authority, obtain employment authority, social security authority, of children of peasant worker worker suffer education to counterpoise, the right equality problem that the farmer is versed in and urban natural resources are restricted, woman right reachs the issue such as its protection.
-- legal system and legislative problem research, include legislative foundation theory among them (the legal transplanting in legislation and draw lessons from, legislative lead sex and level sex arrangement, legislative China maintains quality) , problem of legislative forward position of the legislation of method of of all kinds department and problem of system gradual progress, China (capital punishment abolish, commonweal.
-- law runs problem research, include law to run basic theory, legislative judicatory among them abide by the law supervise wait for law to run all sorts of link problem, departments of the law run construction of professionalism of as applicable as problem analysis, law methodology, law, law actually to serve the market, law to run the problem such as evaluation theory and system of legal evaluation quota.
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