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The first " award of achievement of research of Chinese law culture " declare an
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"Award of achievement of research of Chinese law culture " it is the legal culture research that is prosperous China, drive socialistic law state to build, by course of law of colleges and universities of Ministry of Education education is coached law of committee, China learns law to teach the science of history of law of seminar, China the national law outside meeting, whole nation makes Shi Yan. Current decide on awards through discussion attends by company of technology of gene of bay wheat Er offer aid financially. The concerned item that declares award the job now informs as follows:

One, promotive grade
Chinese law culture studies 3 to achievement award sets first prize, every bonus 30 thousand yuan; Second-class award 6, every bonus 10 thousand yuan; Third class award 10, every bonus 1000 yuan 5; Young award 10, every bonus 1000 yuan 3.
Ad hoc committee of current decide on awards through discussion is lifelong and honorary award.
2, declare limits
(one) declarant limits
The personage of social all circles that legal culture studies is engaged in inside countrywide limits, be restricted to sign up for 1 each, collaboration studies achievement is declared by the first the undersigned;
Young award is declared alone, the age when declaring should be in 35 years old (contain) the following.
(2) declare achievement limits
1.Achievement content: Law of China and foreign countries of be confined to history, compare the relevant research positive result such as legal culture.
2.Into fruit type:
(1) composition (do not include reference book, interpret to write, paper market and individual collected works) ;
(2) paper (do not include translation) .
3.Time limits:
The composition that came to was being published publicly domestic and internationally in December 2007 or be published in December 1978 and paper (it is with copyright page accurate) .
4.Declare the requirement of achievement:
(1) this many learning monograph is declared with integral form;
(2) a series of books can with becoming independent among them complete monograph is declared alone;
(3) the paper must be published on formal science journal reach the paper market that publishs publicly to go up.
5.Following achievement does not grant to accept:
(1) of copyright existence controversy;
(2) violate academic standard;

3, declare measure
(one) declarant lands net of China law culture please (Http://www. Ruclcc.com/ ) download " award of achievement of research of Chinese law culture declares a watch " , after filling in by the requirement, the contact sends after by the place the unit builds official seal, send electronic edition to with times: Ruclcc@163.com.
(2) the newspaper sends material
1." award of achievement of research of Chinese law culture declares a watch " 3;
2.Composing one type 3, every indicate with paster of not dry glue in cover top right corner applicant full name and unit;
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