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"Chinese latter-day society and law changes " academic seminar overview
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"You You deer cries, feed wild Hao. I have a honored guest, clear of heart sound hole. " arrived 8 days on June 7, 2008, during be worth the festival carrying midday of Chinese tradition, bound of Chinese law historiography also greeted regale of a learning -- " Chinese latter-day society and law changes " academic seminar. Bencihui discusses the region of Beijing Yan Qing in scene charming and gentle big castle restaurant holds hot spring of 8 Da Linghua wind. Choose such time to hold this conference to have some kind of special sense. Carry midday holiday as the first, this old festival obverse side that there already was history of a few chiliads in China is facing new task: How the traditional culture bequest of irradiate gives new glamour and vitality in the coruscate in modern society, and the theme of this just and conference formed some to plant " agree without prior consultation " -- the reasonable kernel in how inducting culture of Chinese traditional method is today's legal place to use. Conference room is cool and comfortable, peaceful the environment of elegant out-of-the-way, also make attend the meeting scholars can the heart is not had by the development that ground of slight corneal opacity throws pair of this one theme ponders and discuss in.


Bencihui is discussed by kid of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences historiography of law of research center of article society science, China is met branch of Oriental law culture, Beijing University is latter-day law institute 3 learning orgnaization undertakes. Research center of article society science established kid of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 2001, aim to back each subject 40 years old the following backbone of young scientific research, develop the research project that has fundamental application value and macroscopical and direct sense, begin social survey, strengthen academic communication, hold groom multiformly, reward in the academic positive result that gains great society benefit domestic and internationally. Branch of culture of can Oriental law established Chinese law historiography 2004, its tenet is culture of research China law, transmit China law civilization, classics world is sent with, those who devote oneself to culture of thing method law is compatible, the national law in promoting wipes the generation of viewpoint of value. Recent law institute basically is engaged in Beijing University the following the research of 3 respects: The research of Chinese recent law, foreign country is latter-day the comparison of recent law studies the research of the law and China and foreign countries, cent undertakes China and foreign countries partly the research of recent law and China and foreign countries are latter-day of the law studying quite is this research characteristic. What Bencihui discusses is successful holding is with 3 afore-mentioned orgnaizations work hard to be not divided with close cooperation. Scholars attending the meeting discussed sufficient preparative work and meticulous and considerate meeting Wu arrangement to give high affirmation and praise to Bencihui in succession.
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