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"Forum of doctoral student of countrywide law culture (Beijing 2008) " invitatio
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One, forum tenet
For research of art of active law historiography, auxiliary law education of course of Shi Bo person, with the whole nation Shiboshisheng gives priority to each college law of horn " forum of doctoral student of countrywide law culture (Beijing 2008) " will be in Chinese people university to hold. This second forum is taught by research center of culture of law of Chinese people university and Ceng Xianyi law sponsor with legal culture foundation, plan to came on October 31, 2008 on November 3 (provide experience period formally to inform separately in invitation letter attending the meeting) hold (sessional 2 days, be in institute of law of Chinese people university to hold partly before today, go to Beijing outing to see eat talk a long time finally) . We invite you to attend forum cordially, express your opinion.

2, forum theme
The discussion theme of current forum is " history of Chinese traditional judicatory develops " , " latter-day since the transmission that western judiciary is in China and influence " . The person that attend the meeting please chooses paper of compose of different respect, angle below this all theme, with civil go to meeting.

3, call for paper requirement
Ask for style exemple and annotate to wait consult " legal culture studies " norms is carried out. If you plan to attend the meeting, please the paper complete this at with Word documentation form sends Yu Zhao to fly before October 1, 2008 (Yuzhaofei1981@163.com) , so that shift to an earlier date,print bound. Meeting hind plans to choose the excellent paper accord with this second forum theme, in " legal culture studies " publish on annual, publish publicly by press of Chinese people university.

4, choose a program
Suffer invite the formal delegate that attends this second forum, the paper that submits by place of basis of forum organizing committee is chosen affirmatory. Chosen main level, it is the academic quality of referred paper, and the associated sex with forum theme. Invite the scholastic list that attend the meeting finally certainly, will be in will announce before the middle ten days of a month in October (pay close attention to Http://www.ruclcc.com of net of China law culture please) , wait for means with correspondence, phone, email, shift to an earlier date advice-note him author.

5, represent pay
The travelling expenses of doctoral student attending the meeting (go there and back to lie forcedly) , accommodation cost, meeting Wu, data, meal, look around wait for charge all by sponsor just assume.

6, contact means
Current forum prepares appoint can connect a telephone call: 010-62517895, 010-62517864,
Contact: Yu Zhao flies 13552015255, earnest 13811860602, guo Chenglong 13811468086.
The email: Yuzhaofei1981@163.com.

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