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Hubei saves a law to learn legal culture seminar
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Gentleman / lady:
Suffer Hubei to save law to be able to be entrusted, research center of culture of Wuhan university law undertakes seminar of culture of law of society of Hubei province law the 2nd annual meeting, please each member attends!
The thematic protocol of current annual meeting is: The research target of legal culture and method, etc of delegate attending the meeting attends personnel to be able to submit paper around this theme understanding of intercurrent watch learning, to deepen the deepness that learning discusses, draft the following and pertinent question now:
1, legal culture: Harvest outlook and regular view / regular culture and behavior culture
2, legal culture: Lifestyle and system of viewpoint of value
3, legal culture and sociological across and confluence
4, hind the method of contemporary thoughts and law culture is updated
5, the structure of culture and research technique
6, the individual of culture dictates action studies
7, collective involuntary theory and law culture theory propose form
8, differentiate and analyse of corporeal culture idea
9, the words condition analysis in French chemistry
10, the law culture value that data of traditional society folk studies
Greeting everybody attends the meeting to attend personnel to draft other subject to attend learning of can hand-in-hand second year travel to communicate oneself on behalf of etc.
The person that be about to submit a paper, mail conference preparatory form in the report before September 15 please (after mailbox is added) , so that make umbriferous with paper market.
Conference time: On September 28, sessional a day. Provide for oneself on behalf of travelling expenses going there and back and accommodation cost (accommodation unites arrangement, the delegate that needs to arrange accommodation will tell a contact with phone or mail form on September 20, so that arrange,lodge) . Conference have dinner and other activity are unified by sponsor just assume, avoid collect meeting Wu fee.
Meeting site: Courtyard of Wuhan university law
The delegate that attends the meeting will go to Wuhan university afternoon on September 27 please report of Luo Jia mountain villa.
Contact: Dr. Jie Guochen 13397178003
The email: Freeinmyown@yahoo.com.cn

Welcome each delegate ardently to attend the meeting!

Hubei saves a law to learn legal culture seminar
On September 5, 2008