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Deep feeling of grief grieves over Mr Lin Xiangrong
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Obituary notice
Party member of the Communist Party of China, my school retires cadre, institute of director of original law institute, administrative law teachs Comrade Lin Xiangrong, due to illness cure is invalid, on September 27, 2008 morning 4 when die 21 minutes in the hospital, die at the age of is 81 years old.
Remains of Professor Lin Xiangrong leaves the ceremony spreads funeral parlour to hold in Shi Qiao in the morning on September 29, 2008, attend please leave ceremonial comrade, that day in the morning 8 when be in 30 minutes east pediment garden takes a car, head for leave.
Group leader of group of make funeral arrangement: Old Bin assistant group leader: Li Guanghui
Member: Wu Jianjun of Zhou Zucheng of change of Liu of Yang Min of Yuan Yongxin Fan Lvbing

Lin Xiangrong teachs group of make funeral arrangement

2 8 years 00 on September 27
Life brief introduction:

Lin Xiangrong is taught, male, person of county of Heibei prosperous goosefoot, was born on March 6, 1928, entered revolutionary job in March 1949, joined a Chinese Communist in January 1983.
Professor Lin Xiangrong took an examination of department of Taiwan university philosophy to read in September 1948, attended ministry of society of former Central Committee of Communist Party of China to organize young person of " Taiwan New Democracy in the subterranean revolution of Taiwan via person introduction in March 1949 allied " , be in the group with Taiwan first university to grow for this organization. In October 1949 - in March 1950, in the university of Chinese politics and law that just established 3 learn. In March 1950 - in July 1954, undergraduate course study is fastened in law of Chinese people university. In September 1954 - in October 1958, law of Chinese people university fastens graduate student of major of criminal procedural law. Graduate student graduation allocated in October 1958 come to institute of southwest politics and law work, be in early or late criminal law staff room, policy law teaching and research section, country and right theory staff room, country and right history staff room teach. In November 1964 one in October 1965, in cling to the county does 4 Qing Dynasty. In November 1965 - December 1977, teach in staff room of Chinese of institute of southwest politics and law. After January 1978, arrive legal history staff room teachs. Judged 1979 for instructor, judged 1981 for the associate professor, judged 1986 teach for law, was judged to attach most importance to the model worker that celebrate city 1980, was judged to be Sichuan to visit a model worker 1983. Professor Lin Xiangrong ever was Sichuan province committee member of delegate of the 6th people's congress, standing committee; Sichuan visits committee member of delegate of the 7th people's congress, standing committee; Society of Chinese legal history, foreign country vice-chairman of legal history seminar. In April 1986, be appointed to be director of institute of law of institute of southwest politics and law (handling level) , retire gloriously in August 1996. On September 27, 2008 before dawn 4 when 21 minutes due to illness cure disables to die in hospital of Chongqing city new bridge, die at the age of is 81 years old.
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