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Law courtyard sponsors foreign country of 60 years of anniversary of the foundin
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On September 21 -- 24 days, in south law of foreign country of 60 years of anniversary of the founding of a school mixes university of politics and law of finance and economics compare lecture of law series learning to be in south lake campus is held. Lecture of this second series learning is sponsorred by law courtyard, educational administration ministry, graduate student ministry and legal culture academy assist do, institute of law of law courtyard foreign country undertakes.
Made a problem be by Xiamen university Professor Xu Guodong early or late " the equal limit in civil code " report, president of university of Hua Dongzheng law Professor He Qinhua made a problem be " the destiny of intellectual of 20 centuries China and Chinese law " report, university of Chinese politics and law Professor Ceng Ershu made a problem be " the economy of American constitution is watched in social changes " report, tsinghua university Professor Gao Hongjun made a problem be " 8 years the legal principle of a few major event thinks " report, beijing University congratulate defended square professor to make a problem be " judicatory reform and Yingmeifa " report. Person of give a lecture Professor He Qinhua holds the post of countrywide foreign country chairman of legal history seminar, other 4 all are countrywide foreign country vice-chairman of legal history seminar.
The report caused intense echo, great the interest that aroused undergraduate students and graduate student learning to think and enthusiasm, the query after the report communicates level, classmates put forward to be worth the issue that think further and studies more very much.
In south dean of courtyard of law of university of politics and law of finance and economics Professor Liu Renshan, assistant dean Professor Lei Xinghu, usury red professor chaired academic seminar respectively, zheng Zhujun of institute of vice-chairman of legal history seminar, law teachs countrywide foreign country and Fanzhong believes courtyard of dean of academy of culture of my school law, law the professor was done.