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Chinese law historiography is met complement of academic annual meeting informed
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Chinese legal history learns learning annual meeting general will be in in October 2008 hotel of Chongqing gentleman a person of extraordinary powers is held, the conference arranges as follows:

Will report for duty on October 22

In October 23 - 24 days attend a meeting, sessional two days.

This conference can be sponsorred by Chinese law historiography, university of southwest politics and law and combination of university of northwest politics and law undertake. Via learning standing board research late on November 11, 2007, meeting theme is surely: "Chinese traditional judicatory and judicatory tradition " . Investigator is OK from macroscopical microcosmic perhaps, fore-and-aft or transverse, system is analysed or thought dug, code makes an on-the-spot investigation or case is unscrambled, Chinese the many azimuth such as oral history of archives of law of nation or minority, state or unwritten law, judicatory or folk, much angle, mutiple level, , aim to sum up experience and lesson. Also can show law historiography extent at the same time in recent years research achievement.

This the conference sends invitation letter according to referred paper, paper electron edition is sure to need a standard accurate, join each teacher of the meeting to issue the paper with E-mail form as soon as possible please, so that be joined certainly,meeting personnel is mixed publish paper market in time.

The conference welcomes domestic and international law, philosophy, religion ardently to learn, the friend ginseng of the academia such as historiography, anthropologic, sociology is met.

Because consider some colleges to already had a holiday, receive advice-note to assure to join meeting staff, because this advice-note is about by August,give out, notice to find please.

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