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Deep feeling of grief mourns Mr Qu Tongzu!
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Qu of adviser of doctoral student of graduate school of place researcher, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is the same as mordern history of the member that honor of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences learns ministries and commissions, distinguished historian, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences the ancestor is born to was in Beijing on October 3, 2008 due to illness assist die with the hospital, die at the age of is 98 years old.
Mr Qu Tongzu, word day Kuang, hind sometime condition, was born at Hunan Changsha on July 12, 1910. Mr Qu gives home of one's life experience, young Cheng Tingxun, of Dian Guoxue only then base, boyhood reads Beijing early or late Yo flower middle school, collect language middle school, was recommended with outstanding achievement 1930 swallow Beijing university, major sociological. 1934, mr Qu Tongzu wins language of swallow Beijing university after baccalaureate, enter academy of swallow Beijing university namely, in Wu Wenzao and Yang Kaidao how-to below, be engaged in Chinese social history considering, obtained master's degree 1936. Its dissertation " Chinese feudal society " imprinted by business affairs 1937 book house is published, come back to become Chinese social history to research the important reference book of the domain namely, be published in Tokyo by article of interpret the whole day. Mr Qu Tongzu studies archaic China society with sociological viewpoint and method, cause domestic academia fix eyes upon.

After the War of Resistance Against Japan erupts, mr Qu Tongzu is unwilling do conquered people, alone south below, investigation of committee of national government trade allowed to be in the member that be in in Chongqing 1938, held the post of Yunnan university society, politics classics, law 1939 3 departments instructor, hind preferment associate professor, professor, open " Chinese economy history " , " Chinese society history " reach " Chinese legal system history " 3 course, held southwest part-time to combine university lecturer 1944. During this, qu was the same as an ancestor to give birth to compose " Chinese law and Chinese society " one book, study Chinese history from the angle of law and society. Explore of this one monograph subtles hair is small, develop a new style or a new method of one's own, since legal system history, also be social history, become academia leave to be made newly. He thinks, the main drive of law of Chinese ancient time reachs his main feature expression is on familial creed and class idea, both is the foundation of the core with ideological Confucianist and Chinese society, it is place of law of Chinese ancient time emphasizes maintenance regime and social order, in jural have very prominent place. This book was imprinted by business affairs 1947 edition of book house publication Chinese, 1961 with " the law of traditional China and society " the title publishs English edition in Paris and The Hague, those who get international academia is extensive reputably, become those who study Chinese law and Chinese society to read reference book surely, be considered as research best Xiwen book about Chinese law. This book edition of medium, English all reprints for many times, be research of Chinese legal history make classically.
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