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The problem that applicable room faces economy and the outlet that did not come
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The problem that applicable room faces economy and the outlet that did not come

Zhang Tian of courtyard of law of article of Tianjin industry university

Economy is applicable the room is governmental organization is built, in facing town, low income family sells, the price moderate, small interest that has social security quality is common housing, [1] is housing the important pillar in ensuring a mechanism also is one of system of housing social security serious content. Economy is applicable house system from since beginning to move, no matter be opposite,solve the housing problem of low income estate in town, still rise too quickly to stablizing housing price, and deepened the many sided such as housing system reform to produce main effect. But undeniable, in in last few years applicable house system also exposes the economy in executive process an a variety of problems, aroused the wide attention of people and controversy.

One, the fixed position of applicable room keeps economy in the problem

On July 18, 1998Release " the decision that the State Council reforms about deepening housing system further " point out should build with in low income family is the object, economy that has social security quality applicable room supplies a system. This file is called by people the milepost that Chinese housing system reforms, it proclaimed the beginning of new housing system, indicating what with economy applicable housing gives priority to is mutiple level what town housing supplies a system is formal build. On May 13, 2004, construction ministry changes jointly with national hair appoint, bank of ministry of land natural resources, people makes jointly " economy is applicable room government measure " (the following abbreviation " method " ) promulgate apply. Basis " method " the 2nd regulation, economy is applicable the room is to show the government offers policy privilege, demarcate construction standard, supply object and sale price, have the housing of policy sex commodity that ensures quality. [2]
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