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Group of attention weak force strengthens internal affairs job to supervise buil
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Pay close attention to weak force group to strengthen internal affairs job to supervise

Build harmonious society to make contribution for compose

16 of the party 6 in plenary meeting made " build socialistic harmony society about compose the decision of a certain number of major problems " , reflected the demand of the times, people's desire. Play place National People's Congress and its standing committee advocate the action in socialistic harmony society in compose, it is the main demand that works to National People's Congress. It is with the person this, ameliorative civilian plan the people's livelihood, it is the important facet that compose builds socialistic harmony society. Leader of standing committee of city National People's Congress points out for many times, want to build the goal assignment of socialistic harmony society around compose, stabilize relation reform development the heat problem that overall situation and society pay close attention to generally and involve masses the problem of personal interest serves as supervised key. Manage inside appoint committee of protection of couplet of the civil administration of connection, incomplete, the Women's Federation, minor, the aged appoint closely related the personal interest of the job that waits for branch and unit and masses, strengthen what work to these branches to supervise, supervise and urge these branches do good work, to improvement civilian plan the people's livelihood, the legitimate rights and interests that safeguards weak force group and society are stable, compose builds socialistic harmony society to having important sense.

Current inside department appoint having doinging each supervisory work while, paid close attention to improvement particularly the people's livelihood and the work that defend rights and interests of weak force group, regard supervisory key as the work that has done weak force group. My appoint organizes National People's Congress of committee member of standing committee of city National People's Congress, city to represent pair of disableds, minor, old people and lowermost life to ensured the job to undertake 6 times early or late inspect or survey, strive for standing committee is listened to and discuss a government special report two, promoted the work of weak force group, safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of weak force group, obtained better result.

One, pick accurate supervisory item
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