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Talk the way that implements policy of criminal of aid of broad severe look
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Talk the way that implements policy of criminal of aid of broad severe look

King of assistant dean of court of people of treasure Chi division rises glow

Criminal policy is the general plan of prevention and cure that the country is aimed at crime and adopts, it is human reason the child in criminal domain, be degree of civilization of social legal system reflect. The criminal policy of a country is modest, reasonable, affecting the integral result of penalty and precautionary crime directly, matter to social harmony stability and national long period of order and stability directly. Set out from the concept of harmonious society and requirement, serious research is accurate and applicable policy of criminal of aid of broad severe look, the compose of harmonious to preventing control crime, efficient service effectively society builds the port with be had very principal.

One, the connotation of policy of criminal of aid of broad severe look

Criminal policy has important direct sense to criminal legislation and criminal judicatory activity, to safeguarding a society stability and national security have major effect. Should do good criminal to execute the law the job, should master correctly and must use the basic criminal policy of party and country. From the point of the locomotive condition of current guilty condition and criminal judicatory system, our country is facing such situation: On one hand, guilty gross rises continuously, significant crime especially crime of gangdom property organization, vicious power crime, drugs crime, violent crime is outstanding, browbeat badly social order, also make the safe feeling of social community is reduced; On the other hand, the contradiction of the devoted quantity of judicatory resource and demand did not get settlement, judicatory orgnaization and personnel excess load run, criminal a long-pending case rises, the crowded degree aggravate of the jail, new crime rate rises, a few convict are released from prison or parole hind commits more serious crime. While if be in,blow commits a crime badly, incorrect and certain slight crime implements loose criminal policy, the contradiction of supply and demand of criminal judicatory resource still can be deepened further, criminal judicatory system is immersed in the predicament of vicious circle likely also. "Attack from retype " one-way move, can bring about the beyond the mark make public of criminal law only; And what blindly light delay can cause penalty again is lack of power. Accordingly, on control crime issue, the more aggravating blow commits a crime badly, should relax more the monitoring of pair of slight crime and processing.
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