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By jail mechanism of policy of criminal of aid of broad severe look apply
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By jail mechanism of policy of criminal of aid of broad severe look apply

King Hui Renzhi is deep

The criminal policy of aid of broad severe look is a when my party all through the ages advocates and adopt fundamental criminal policy, socialistic harmony society is built in compose, legal construction is increasingly perfect today, more such. 2006, the party is in 16 6 in plenary meeting those who make " the Central Committee of Communist Party of China builds socialistic harmony society about compose the decision of a certain number of major problems " in point out again: Want " the criminal judicatory policy that thing of severe blow severe severe punishment commits a crime and implements aid of broad severe look lawfully. " the jail carries out mechanism as national penalty, use the criminal policy of aid of broad severe look correctly, adjust self-consciously, adjust strategy of carry out a death sentence and activity of carry out a death sentence, to developing jail function further, punish and transform convict, prevent and reduce crime, the overall situation that safeguards compose to build socialistic harmony society has very great sense.

One, proper understanding and the criminal policy that understand benefit of broad severe look, it is the premise that jail mechanism science applies and foundation

The jail is penal executive mechanism of the country, domain of its carry out a death sentence is the main component of national criminal system. Implement policy of national criminal judicatory, the proper sex that wanting to enhance penalty to carry out further to basically be being reflected the jail, scientific sex and effectiveness, with realizing a jail better precaution, chasten commits a crime, transform convict the goal assignment of law-abiding citizen.

(one) the connotation that penalty of aid of broad severe look implements policy: "Wide " namely not good-tempered, loose delay, exacting. "Severe " namely strict, severity, do not indulge.

"Photograph aid " have mutual and mutual union, mutual complement, harmonious idea. Wide and severe as a pair of contradiction in same thing, be in same an unity is medium, each other is a condition, restrict each other, accord with the contradictory and same rule of the materialist dialectics. Emphasize blindly fathering, father brutal degree, with respect to interior of meeting choking thing because of,move actively, the motion that goes against a thing develops. Emphasize blindly wide, wide the lax condition to boundless, complementary efficiency and existence condition also are contacted between content of can paltry bad thing. Countless practice also prove, any moment, everything cannot emphasize only purely fathering or wide, only both organic union, accomplishing aid of broad severe look, degree of tightness to have degree of ability is scientific manner. Accordingly, the penal executive policy of aid of broad severe look asks jail mechanism is in namely organize in all seriousness in the round according to law, code, coordinate and control, management, education, transform convict to side with book while the end runs development, the in-house environment atmosphere that creation of ground of even vigorous effort is helpful for transforming convict and in-house mechanism condition, utmost land adds harmonious content, decrease to oppose and conflict, cogent play penalty prevents crime, defend the action with social stable harmony.
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