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Macao is turned over " black " legislative the way to deal with a situation reac
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Macao returns to a few years, below Macao government and the effort of concerned branch, macao hit gangdom to gain remarkable success. Current, macao is turned over " black " in still each action is being begun, it is to be the program in undertaking to gather sufficient evidence on one hand; is conduce sues a batch to be managed on the other hand alarm the member that regards this locality gangdom as constituent director layer. Macao is turned over " black " taking success, mirrorred instead " black " the success of countermeasure, the article passes pair of Macao to turn over " black " the analysis of legislative the way to deal with a situation, try to seek pair of inland to turn over " black " the draw lessons from place of legislative the way to deal with a situation.
Macao turns over " black " one of legislative the way to deal with a situation: Form a reason in the light of gangdom, key precaution
Yellow, bet, poisonous all through the ages is the breeding ground that gangdom causes, and element has " east bets a city " , " Oriental Monte Carlo " say, call the world the Macao of city of 3 high play with American Las Vegas and Moroccan Monte Carlo, just offerred this kind to live specificly for gangdom environment.
As Macao gamble and the ceaseless development that bet course of study, gangdom and bet photograph companion and be born and leech on to bets course of study to live, the contrail of development is clear but differentiate. Be in Macao inchoate gangdom history on, "Friend is happy " with " benefit cottage " generation all with gamble closely related. In 20 centuries 229 time, yellow, bet, while poison is flush, the gangdom with autochthonal Macao organizes the period that also experienced a great progress, to line of business of variety of rich of monopoly of company of 669 time entertainment, generation gives interest of rich and generous gambling house periphery, more make Macao gangdom obtained powerful corporeal resource. Owner of 669 time black a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest should intervene with putting usurious way gambling house. Since 80 time, rich colour specializes in the management kind that company place takes to intervene for gangdom force gambling house created a condition greatly. Since 1985, recreational company change runs way, the method that adopts sublease to bet parlor is managed bet course of study, open in gambling house namely many special bet group and guest of a person of extraordinary powers to bet parlor at recieving, relet gives other management. Contract bet hall to want to have abundant financial capacity already, want to have strong background again, this intervenes to the gangdom figure with certain solid actual strength gambling house offerred an opportunity.
Macao government is known perfectly well " bet " the main source that is Macao gangdom generation, development, but be based on " bet " the main effect in Macao society life, cancel " bet " job is impossible already. Now, rich variety line of business already became the principal pillar of Macao economy. Although since seventies, exit machines course of study, travel and real estate to all have very great progress, but far cannot be the same as day with rich variety line of business and language. 19 92 year, macao creates total output value to amount to 4 billion dollar, among them the income of rich colour tourism occupies 35-38% . Current, 40% what rich colour duty often takes governmental total revenue, show the trend that year after year grows, from 1.93 billion 1990, rise to 1995, 1996 5 billion the left and right sides. Betted course of study to still promote the hotel related to its, meal development that serves course of study and transportation, brought many obtain employment post. The person that rely on to bet course of study to make a living occupies the 1/8-1/7 of mouth of entire Aomen's people.
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