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The famine due to crop failures of period of the Republic of China relieves legi
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Content abstract: The famine due to crop failures of period of the Republic of China relieves legislation, the method of the effective in relieving traditional famine due to crop failures the activity on one hand and measure bring into legislative category, made law is changed, the system is changed; Build the new-style famine due to crop failures that gets used to latter-day society need to relieve a system through legislation on the other hand. The effort of these two respects formed famine due to crop failures of period of the Republic of China to relieve legislative basic content jointly, the legal system that promoted latter-day China famine due to crop failures to relieve an activity thereby is changed.

Chinese archaism says: "The day has 4 disaster, water drought famine. " the country that explains China is hair of natural disaster frequency since ancient times. Famine due to crop failures is relieved be called more on Chinese history barren politics, help be out of practice, provide disaster relief, it is the form of the the most primitive, most ages ago a kind of social security on our country history. Period of the Republic of China, arrived 27 years of 1938 1912 only, all sorts of natural disaster that have statistic amount to 77 take second place much [1] . Although the relief step that government of the Republic of China takes still contains clear traditional color, and relieve the effect also very not ideal, but the progress that the famine due to crop failures that this one period appears relieves legal system to changed a trend to reflect a society from a level. Already one when the famine due to crop failures that some studies to achievement is a period of the Republic of China only relieves legislation to regard its as social relief legislation will divide make an on-the-spot investigation, actually famine due to crop failures relieves the organic component of since society rescue work, but strand an activity with the average benefit that save deficient again not identical. Accordingly, the relevant data that author basis collects, try to wait for a respect from storage system, program providing disaster relief, capital providing disaster relief, to the famine due to crop failures of period of the Republic of China relief legislation undertakes combing mixing abecedarian dug.
One, storage system is legislative
The famine due to crop failures that the prepare against natural disasters that accumulate cereal is Chinese tradition relieves method, promote a Yu Hanchao the earliest, past dynasties is perfected ceaselessly after, included a variety of forms such as Chang Pingcang, justice storehouse and company storehouse, close commonly call storage system. After the Republic of China, storage system for a time decline, although the scholar such as Yu Shude is written civil advocate the storage system that restores Chinese tradition, but take seriously what did not cause government of Beijing of the Republic of China truly, each district storage is destroyed serious. After Nanjing countryman government holds water, begin to pay attention to the construction of storage and management, promulgate on one hand " justice storehouse administers regulation " reach " management of each place storage is regular " , begin to restore Ceng Yi to spend the traditional storage system of cease to be binding, below the setting that growing agricultural collaboration enterprise on the other hand, be made in succession and announced " farming storehouse law " and " standard of farming warehouse industry " , deal with farming storehouse cooperation, make become adjust a kind of tool with rural finance and current commissariat.
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