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Painful grieve gentleman of Lin Shixiang flourish
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Funeral committee of Mr Lin Xiangrong turns Mr Lin relative:

Jing hears the Lin Xiangrong that we love and esteem to teach misfortune to die, we extremely distress.

30 years ago, we have favour to regard student listen respectfully as the instruction of Mr Lin. The foreign country is told about to our tirelessly in the small classroom that we still write down so that the gentleman wears cigarette of move army coat, impact to sit in warmth clearly up to now the legal history, setting that makes we are like Mu Chunfeng. We still remember clearly, during Chinese legal history learned annual meeting to be held in Chongqing 1999, gentleman with year even more the body of more than 70 disease, participate in congress personally meeting Wu, carry the unforgettable scene that conference material and beverage go aboard together with the youth personally even. Gentleman pursue one's studies careful and precise, be tireless in teaching, care student, hold to the truth, it is our good teacher and helpful friend, it is us forever model. The gentleman is on the west politics campus is honest and tolerant the example of better, be on the west politics typical delegate of spirit. Lost him, it is the huge loss of alma mater, it is the huge loss of all child.

Our Yao is in Jiang Xia, do not go to in person indicate mourning, convey the heart of our grief with this article sincerely, convey us the affection of the deep-felt yearning to the gentleman; And the relative restrain one's grief that honest asks a gentleman is suitable change.

Mr Lin lives in our heart forever!

Child: Qi Wenyuan (78 class student) , Fan Zhongxin (80 class student)

With grieve

On September 29, 2008 on Monday

{ annotations: Mr Lin will die on September 27, I just got a sad news of the death 28 days afternoon namely yesterday, hold a pen deeply bitterly. Just calm a bit this morning, sad like that careless Cheng Daohan. The fax number that is about to teach place to receive telegram of condolences to southwest by Yu Jiang in the morning sends a fax, but nobody are received listen, did not receive signal automatically. Check one's old school urgently all webpages, disappear unexpectedly have obituary notice, make funeral arrangement meeting composition, remains leaves any information of mobile arrangement and so on. The legal courtyard that also did not give the throughout the country fastens a person of the same trade to release funeral message. Call a teacher of alma mater, school of square rhizome of wind-weed basically did not make what make funeral arrangement arrange, be regard the average teacher look upon that does not have official position as Mr Lin, preparation is held by courtyard department class do funeral arrangement to calculate. Because have deputy ministry class,curule child is determined to attend gentleman remains to leave personally later ceremony, this ability had school of hasty now morning arrangement to lead the attitude that attends a ceremony. This has sent what do not go out to grieve over character, be forced to be released on the rich guest of myself, the heart of grief talking about a watch just. Wish Mr. Lin is in celestial the voice that can hear me. - - - faithful letter on September 29 midday }
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