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Nanjing fatigue teachs historical reviewing
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Work education is great pioneering work when legal system of our country socialism builds, it is our party " transform a person, transform a society " a component of great cause, also be security of society administers one of the project main job integratedly. The length that opens historical development coils, examine Nanjing fatigue to teach afresh found, the history of development, make us right course of study of this Wei important matter still produces respect like that, hearten spirit is sturdy confidence, aspire carries forward this career afresh go down.  
(one) the historical setting that found
1, why should do fatigue teaching
Nanjing has since ancient times " golden hill monarch continent " beautiful praise, new China holds water before is seat of government of stone of Kuomintang Jiang interpose. On April 21, 1949, mao Zedong, Zhu De is released to the the Chinese People's Liberation Army " had hit the Yangtse River to go, liberate complete China " march command, people liberation army on April 23 speedily cross the Yangtse River arrives at Nanjing, the member that force the Kuomintang government army and government that is in Nanjing to want and defend the soldiers and police in succession south escape. Commission of control of war of city of Nanjing of the Chinese People's Liberation Army will hold water on April 28, begin to take-over instantly the Kuomintang government orgnaization that is in Nanjing and bureaucratic capital company, give orders to disband the reactionary political parties and other organizations such as party of Kuomintang, 3 black groups, youth, civilian company party and reactionary secret service, the Bao-Jia system of abolish Kuomintang government, establish " registry office of intellectual of government employees and teachers of Nanjing city unemployment " , publish the Kuomintang government that is received the deliverance way that each office staff winds book to produce obtain employment. Committee of Nanjing city public security will hold water on October 4, city public security bureau is uncovered continuously " Chinese youth turns over collective alliance " and " Anhui people turns over Su Zhe in all army " two secret services and several spies case, promulgate in time " prohibit smoke poison is provisional method " . Production of city of Nanjing of the corresponding period studies committee holds water, research restores to be produced with development. The whole nation suppressed afterwards 1951 after counter-revolutionary motion ends, government of in-house to mechanism 1955 former Kuomintang stays the member that servantchoose a person for a job, begin clean up to hide the motion of counter-revolutionary element. In October 1957 the demonstrative spirit according to the Party Central Committee, formulate of committee of Nanjing city people goes out carry out carry out " the decision of the State Council about work education issue " executive plan, approval holds water to be Hong Baichuan of secretary-general of director, municipal government to be deputy director general of public security bureau of vice director, city with deputy mayor Jiang Jingyu establish of land of deputy director general the 3 Nanjing that are a committee member committee of job of town work education, it is certain to be in charge of examining in-house respectful to turn over what the check in motion comes out to have the Babylon, counter-revolutionary member that must give control and bad element, and rise these people centrally entirely organize labor production, the social politics that is helpful for safeguarding Nanjing is stable. From 1961 bottom, in light of the statistical data that instructs place staff of 1052 fatigue teaching to fatigue of hill of Nanjing city Dalian, counter-revolutionary element 123 people, right-wing 1 person, reactionary 167 people, bad element 694 people, willfully make a trouble 34 people, destroy the 33 people of work discipline.  
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