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The psychology of concealed of close close look is unscrambled
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Summary: Concealed of close close look serves as to be had already cosmopolitan the legal system that has Chinese nation distinguishing feature again, it is to having deep human nature to because mix,be moved of psychological foundation. Because mix,the human nature that kisses close look concealed from the perspective explore analyse of human general character and native land psychology is moved psychological foundation, the to human nature culminating consideration that this culture design reflects fluoroscopy, and the distinctive connotation in the Chinese's life and function. How to treat natural resources of this one system wisely to extend new understanding perspective to be in legal modernization process thereby.
Keyword: General world sex; Mainland sex; Human nature; Psychological foundation

One, of the problem put forward

Concealed of close close look serves as to be had already cosmopolitan the legal system that has Chinese nation distinguishing feature again and culture resource, be paid close attention to repeatedly in law group not only, and the academia that it is sagacious and ethnics bound place take seriously. The scholar of these domains around " concealed of close close look " of the Confucianist ethics problem that the reason of generation and historical value, this system place reflects, included morality, of law, philosophical meaning accumulate and the main problem such as the value that its exist now undertook a series of, produced a few valuable learning positive result [] .
But, right " concealed of close close look " the explore analyse of the system generation, human nature that puts add and psychological foundation compares weakness and shallow, of most scholastic treat of is this system reflected the mankind only the care to the relative, and the theory that did not use a kind of scientific system technically goes because of,the human nature of the deep administrative levels of the culminating to the mankind consideration that this system place reflects illuminate is moved or psychological foundation. The author thinks, it can choose jointly for place of system of law of China and foreign countries, besides politics, besides the reason of economy with culture, the human base that still having deep arrangement or because of,psychology is moved, this also kisses photograph concealed to have one of bases of value of general world sex, mankind sex in person just about. Be based on this understanding just about, the person such as the theory of need administrative levels of the theory of biology Darwinism ethics with author will Darwinian attempt, Masiluo and scholar of our country Taiwan Mr Yang Guoshu is mixed to Chinese behavior psychological mainland changes research achievement to be a foundation, because of,the human foundation that explore analyse kisses photograph concealed in person and psychology are moved and place of this culture phenomenon accumulate contained general world sex and nationality (native land sex) value, with period can give to the research perspective of forefathers complement or extend, see the effect that cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions goes to since this culture phenomenon to deep ground, critical geography thereby.
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