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The freedom of American inquisitor reduces quantity advantageous position
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American law 幷 was not executed sue legal principle and the specific provision that sue cheap creed, but what American inquisitor has other country institute to be not had however is extensive and what accept restriction scarcely is free the authority that reduce an amount. "According to American system, criminal is sued is the right and rather than that is federal or city inquisitor merely its are compulsory " . [① ] why does the United States give his the power with so great inquisitor? Is dangerous? These problems are paid close attention to extensively all the time by each country scholar. Sueing legal principle to turn to the setting that sues cheap creed to fall increasingly, the freedom that discusses American inquisitor deep reduces quantity advantageous position, measure a system to perfecting the prosecution of our country to cut into parts, have great practice sense undoubtedly.  

One, the evolution that American inquisitor freedom cuts a quantity into parts to counterpoise

Procuratorial work freedom cuts amount right into parts to regard a kind of male general character as influence, appear and appear what 幷 blame counterpoises as national politics, develop and form of the system as inquisitor however. Be in European mainland, at the beginning of procuratorial work system is born, inquisitor is opposite by the requirement all crime to sue, 幷 reduces quantity advantageous position without freedom. Because guilty situation is grim with each passing day,be only, these countries just must gift the prosecution with certain inquisitor reduces quantity advantageous position, in order to reduce the pressure that judicatory resource is in short supply. Be in the United States, inquisitor also is not to arise to have extensive freedom to cut a quantity into parts to counterpoise, develop what just obtain stage by stage after certain period in inquisitor system however.  

Till 19 centuries first, american inquisitor is a very ordinary part. Confederative total chief procurator is in very a paragraph long the blame full-time counsel that the president is only inside period, the authority that the palm controls is very limited. Local inquisitor is regarded as the elementary official in the court all the time or the judge's assistant, their position mixes under judicatory administrator even coroner: Judicatory administrator and coroner are the official that gains independent influence by local election 幷 . And local inquisitor is main by bey (Ni Yazhou of standard of the evening that be like guest) , city chief procurator (if north blocks Luo Laina city) or local judge (like Kangniedige, they must comply with the directive of inquisitor of bey, city or local judge, cannot make a decision independently, do not have a decision to sue more freedom reduces quantity advantageous position.  

Began 1820 " Jackson democracy moves " aggrandizement the idea of decentralization and official of democratic election place, produced major effect to the development of inquisitor system. 1832, close cc takes the lead in setting in state constitution than the city, local inquisitor arises by public vote. 1846, iowa carries public vote, local judge and local inquisitor arise by public vote. The administrative official that other state also provides to inquisitor and judicatory administrator and coroner all are an election to arise in constitution in succession. The election controls the concern of influence give and accept that changed inquisitor, establish inquisitor is a series of new power, authoritative with responsibility. Inquisitor is regarded as elementary official of the court or assistant no longer, however as parallel as the court, independent officer; Inquisitor also no longer the government official that be enslaved to be enslaved to appoints them, be in charge of to constituency directly however. Inquisitor had independent legal place, ground of independence having right to institute proceedings, 幷 and obtained necessary freedom to reduce quantity advantageous position. "According to the identity of the election, ground of his of course has authority to advocate exercise freedom reduces quantity advantageous position. " [② ]
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