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American law is compilatory system brief introduction
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Compilatory system cent is American law American codification and codification of American federal administration two parts. The orgnaization of codification of responsible United States is to be set in the law inside Boule of United States Congress to edit council office. The orgnaization that code of federal administration of responsible United States coils is federally bulletin room. The parliament of each city and government also are undertaken according to respective legislative limits of authority by special orgnaization independent law compiles.
One, what beautiful national law is in charge of is compilatory
Codification of American first time is 1875. According to the opinion that all circles reflects, undertook formal codification 1878. After those who pass comprehensive 1926, system is compilatory, what beautiful national law is in charge of is compilatory had formed relatively fixed system and more normative program.
Original, every pass United States Congress after a law, compile and print by official publication orgnaization first an unit regards the government as official version originally, the law that each congress passes compiles and print again by official publication orgnaization codification of government of a current congressional -- legal whole book. Legal offprint can regard administration and judicatory as quotative basis, but after editor of legal whole book is published, must guide the article of use rule whole book continuously.
Because the time order that passes law according to every congress weaves legal whole book, unintelligible the complete picture that the law of active and significant some aspect provides, it is more difficult also to search. Accordingly, united States Congress begins to try codification to work from 1875, particular case is:
(one) differentiate American code to wait for 50 themes for protection of congress, president, armament, agriculture, finance, resource according to the content of legal standard (ministry) .
(2) every release congress a law, in publish seperate edition while, the professional that revises council office by the law that is established in Boule decomposes this one law for a certain number of parts, weave according to its normative content again 50 themes (ministry) relevant in coiling. If American code is commerce and commerce the 15th roll to coil, its content is the total provision classics that commerce and trade involve in the law that passes by each congress after decomposing, be assembled afresh and become. So editorial the biggest gain is to need to see the 15th can find the law of business of active and significant all United States and commerce to set only, and the legal whole book that does not need hundreds of to consult.
(3) the structure of American code, ordinal below 50 themes cent is roll, chapter, part. Section, wait. Every, chapter, part, section, make a problem note with brief character. Every all tag its origin with number, namely a which of which law that which congress passes, or the modification that which congress undertakes. The article of corresponding legal whole book tags this to had been decomposed as much which is which hank of American code, medium. This kind mutual and how-to facilitate the situation that understands legislation in the round.
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