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Law is in China the action in the society
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The Qin Dynasty

Qin Shi rules by law all right, unite 6 nations with the armed strength, built the first centralized absolutism dynasty, it is the world of Legalists; Practice law, severe law, the hole that burn a book Confucianism, for Confucianist place detest. It is the first dynasty that publishs countrywide oneness law.


First Qin Shi is acting, the Confucianist advocates a ceremony to treat, rule of virtue, repulsion rules by law. Arrived Chinese generation, because law already made national system, and Chinese Gao Di is fond of Confucianism, constant abuse Confucian scholar, the character of name of article emperor good punishment, scene emperor is very yellow old, the Confucianist needs politically to suit, there also was change on legal ideology. They by oppose penalty, transform and use for punishment of ceremony law union, heart. Union of alleged ceremony law is with law punish maintains the Confucian or feudal ethical code; Alleged heart punishment is used is with heart it is for principal penalty complementary. Land merchant, Gu Yi lends Qin Chao ruined experience lesson, elaborate the truth of serious virtue light punishment to Gaodi and article emperor. Gu Yi puts forward to weigh the viewpoint of ceremony justice light penalty. He emphasizes the distinct effect of ceremony law: "Husband ceremony person ban at will like that before, and law person ban at already later. ... cloud of ceremony cloud ceremony person, expensive absolutely evil Yu Weimeng, and case teach Yu Wei Miao, make civilian far blame of change be apt to and do not know oneself also " . 2 〕 of 〔 point out it is OK to use ceremony justice administer a country common feelings of people, the people's morale and happy; With penal manage state affairs criterion civilian complain a back, and folkway declines: "With ceremony justice treats person, accumulate ceremony justice; Treat with penalty person, accumulate penalty. Penalty is accumulated and civilian complain a back, ceremony justice is accumulated and civilian and close... of the path with the heart person that teach, heart teach be in harmony and the people's morale is happy; Of drive with penalty person, the law is accumulated and folkway sad. "3 〕 of 〔 Chinese old war is passed first, need " and civilian rest " . "Do-nothing and the yellow old idea that studies " needs accord with the politics at that time, land merchant advocates namely do-nothing and treat. The lesson that at the same time the Qin Dynasty dies with severe law also is 4 〕 of  〔 Chinese Zhu Di is known very well first, so the thought of land merchant, Gu Yi is imperial place easily to accept, adopt " provisional constitution to save the policy that stands " . 5 〕 of 〔 " Chinese book " on say punish of Han Wendi " is evil die Qin Zhi politics, theory discuss Wu to be in clement. "6 〕 of 〔 corporal punishment is the abolish when article emperor.