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" Chinese law and Chinese society " genesis
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Clumsy is written " Chinese law and Chinese society " imprinted by business affairs 1947 book house is published. I am in the United States at that time, advantage becomes English overseas to circulate with this opportunity interpret. China press published edition of overprint of Chinese origianl work 1981. Shanghai bookshop 1989 also income of business affairs first edition " a series of books of the Republic of China " the first make up. Press of university of Chinese politics and law and I discuss now, draft overprint my book, but be different from what weigh forme before is to divide " Chinese law and Chinese society " outside one book, this company asks me the composing of law of ancient time of other concerned China and speech stalk of grain along with all the others send to press, regard my law treatise as collect, income of this agency editor in chief " clump of article of law of 20 centuries China " , I agreed. But the law write that feels ashamed is me is very few.

Answer to be explained to the reader above all, I am not one's previous experience of legal faculty regular professional training. I am when swallow Beijing university, major sociological, because I have fun at to the history, I at that time volunteer it is to specialize in Chinese society history, want to explain traditional society with sociological viewpoint.

The reader can ask why to serve as a sociological student certainly, I produce interest to law again, undertake study? Because I read Maine,this is (Henry Maine) " archaic law " (Ancient Law) with him " inchoate law and consuetudinary " (Early Law And Custom) 2 books, gasp in admiration its are broad and profound and profound, opinion is outstanding, can become word, have very big effect to me. Read Weinageleduofu again (Paul Vinogradoff) " historical law outline " (Outlines Of Historical Jurisprudence) , I am right the interest of legal history is more strong. I am anthropologic to the society after having preliminary knowledge, know law to be anthropologist place to take seriously, then I read each anthropologist to concern legal famous book seriously. Read Ma Ling in succession Nuosiji (B. Malinowski) " the crime of society of pretty a group of things with common features and custom " (Crime And Custom In Savage Society) ; Luo Busen (W. A. Robson) " of culture and law grow " (Civiliza- Tion And The Growth Of Law) ; Ha Telan (E. S. Hartland) " original legislation " (Primitive Law) ; Radcliffe - Braun (A. R. Radcliffe-Brown) " original legislation " ("Law, primitive, "Encyclopedia Of Social Sciences Vol. IX) wait for book and paper, inspire, benefit bandit is shallow. Because steal overrate, have write the intention that states Chinese legal history.

1939-1944 year I teach in Yunnan university, divide China outside social history, the national law in still having is made history one class, make me begin to undertake study to this one course. For the need that prepare lessons, I read existent archaic statute book, reach the record that law concerns in ancient document. Study assiduously, some results, have the opinion of myself to the essence of archaic law, begin compose " Chinese law and Chinese society " . This book is different from other China of legal history is law and society union rises give an innovation of research tries, reason life is " Chinese law and Chinese society " , its since a legal history, also be a social history.
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