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Law of the United States after World War II fastens legal influence to civil cod
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Western state law can be divided normally for faculty of two old laws or tradition, one is the legislation that fashions for the foundation with archaic Roman law, law of appellative civil code is fastened (or mainland law is) , it is a delegate with two countries of law, heart, distributinging limits is a center with European mainland, and law, on the west, the area of colony wide earth before Shikoku of carry on one's shoulder, Pu. Another is the legislation that mediaeval common law is a foundation and fashions with England, appellative fasten for common law way (or Yingmeifa is) , with flower, beautiful two countries is a delegate, distributing it is before England colony or the vast area that add dependency home. Faculty of this two old laws is capitalist law, main difference depends on the respect such as classification of inference of legal source, law, law, term and litigant system. In 20 centuries, special after the Second World War, two old laws fasten mutual influence, already drew close increasingly, but the difference still occurs.

Law of the United States after the article aims to discuss World War II ties legislation to civil code law, basically be the influence of the law law such as law, heart, meaning, Switzerland and Japan. Country of European allied member is faculty of civil code law for the most part, american law also is included to its influence.
One, the move of position of leadership of state law of the west after World War II
According to American California university law of nations of courtyard of Hei Tingsi law and compare a law to teach Ma Di of black fruit · (Ugo Mattei) analysis, the leader of western state law on reason the position is vicissitudinous. Position of this kind of leadership is to point to " the legal system of a country or its certain member (wait like code, legislative, system, composition) be in not only rather the legal system with close relationship, and it is besides them influential ability " , namely " of this one system all or the part is place of a lot of other law system in some history period consideration, discuss, imitate or use. "[(1 ) ]
Half century is medium since entering 19 centuries oneself, french law has place of this kind of leader, basically be being reflected is " Napoleon code " the influence to a lot of countries and area, include Belgian, Spain, Italy, Holand, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Russian, Turkey, bring offer as far as American Louis city and a lot of Latin America countries. General with " Napoleon code " for model for painting, individual country (like Belgium) still use this code directly.
Professor Ma Di still points out, common law way fastens a country not to use code on the tradition, france is consequently right at that time flower, the influence of the law law such as the United States basically is not " Napoleon code " , however the legal culture of French broad sense. In 19 centuries, common law of England as British colony expand and apply to on the world a lot of areas, but British law never acquires leadership position on reason, because British law is,build as what British colony dominates, force with the armed strength at these colony, and of France " Napoleon code " , besides be in individual country or area (like Belgium) carry out forcibly by Napoleon, be in other country or area is accepted of one's own accord by place. [(2) ]
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