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Those who guard power quality limit
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Content summary: From the point of the angle of the right, custody is one kind is his with obligation the right of main content, (perhaps call a qualification authority more appropriate) , and in light of the angle from obligation, custody is a kind of obligation that contains certain right character. Guarding since right also is compulsory, this fact explains, we ought to will protect regarding is a kind of duty. This kind of duty is put inside private law, became a kind of obligation that contains public law character. Duty is one contains term of public law colorific. When we seek the account that tutelar system establishs, can discover the public law sex that guards a system is in.

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Alleged custody, it is etc of the person that points to pair of minor and mental patient, belongings the system of a kind of law that legitimate rights and interests has supervise and be protectived. This kind of custody that sets in law, to inspect, protecting is a kind of right or a kind of obligation after all for the person, ever had produced different theory, main viewpoint has: 1, the right says, should say to think, custody is advantageous position of a kind of status, it is the specific identity that is based on guardian and the custody of generation counterpoises. (Yang Lixin) 2, obligation says, should say to think, guard power system and did not gift guardian any interests, is to levy heavy burden only. Because of this with respect to law character, custody is the one-sided obligation that legal tax imposes guardian. (Peng Molin) 3, duty says. Should say to think, guarding a system is set by the interest of guardian for protection purely, allow increase of oneself of seek of guardian so as to anything but. From look basically character, custody is the government service of property of commonweal of a kind of society. However, above a few kinds of doctrine, have contradictory place. Be in theoretic, cannot justify oneself.
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