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Discuss to perfecting what our country contract law expects system of break a co
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Discuss to perfecting what our country contract law expects system of break a contact

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Summary: Anticipate system of break a contact is Ying Meifa formerly peculiar. Our country " contract law " drew lessons from the legislative experience with Yingmeifa and international advanced convention adequately, will anticipate system of break a contact introduces, it is a on legislation major breakthrough. But the incompatible sex that anticipates system of break a contact and presence of system of disturbed and contradictory power are constant, ought to be improved and adjust.

Keyword: Anticipate authority of counterplea of uneasiness of break a contact relieves the transplanting of methodological law

In the market economic system of law, the contract is implementation of civil main body trades, the main legislation carrier that undertakes resource optimizes configuration. No matter be Ying Meifa country or mainland France home, all set to legal protection gets namely after the contract holds water lawfully, of protection during hold water to the contract for the contract terminative, include a contract naturally to fulfill level among them. In judicatory practice, put in such phenomenon: Before at the expiration of one's term of office of contract deadline for performance, party of one party contract may stem from a variety of reasons nonperformance contract, and the the opposing party is faced with accordingly cannot achieve contract goal, suffer losing risk even. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of contract party, provide reasonable relief means, the country set Ying Meifa to expect system of break a contact, and mainland France home provided system of disturbed and contradictory power, but both each respect is existing a few differences. Our country at
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