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Choose with logical face difficult choice legally
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Choose with logical face difficult choice legally

[Author: Origin of Chen Zhenghua ┋ : Sealed ┋ releases: Admin ┋ date: 7 years on Feburary 2Font of ┋ of the person that ┋ visits the 161st times: Big in small]

--Right " Zhejiang province is carried out<Consumer rights and interests protects a law>Method "

Fiftieth a few legislation thinks

Courtyard of Guizhou university law2002Class civilian commercial law learns Chen Zhenghua of Master graduate student

Summary: " " rights and interests of consumer of Zhejiang province executive < protects a law > method " promulgate with carry out, behoove offerred better law to ensure to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumer, but this method is restricted to go up in legislative however with " legislative law " concerned regulation fails to meet each other, brought about should like that with solid like that, lawful with reasonable amlposition, option of be in a dilemma was created in reality.

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