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What view system of our country probation from the abuse of probation is perfect
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Big in small]Content abstractContent abstract: People's congress system is the essential politics system of our country. The election system of our country is the constituent foundation of people's congress system, it is the main component of people's congress system, as reforming and opening since Chinese society politics, economy, culture the tremendous progress that each respect appears, the election system of our country is showing an a few problems that solve urgently gradually, accelerate the reform of Chinese election system, the condition of the socialistic election system with maturity of work up theory, standard of complete, operation, supervisory rigor, vital program is being had gradually, the opportunity is mature with each passing day.

The opportunity is mature with each passing day.. KeywordKeyword: Election system, reforming and opening, democratization, competition, supervise relief mechanism

One, the basic content of system of our country election.

Election system is the main component of system of politics of a state, be the member that mechanism of political power of election generation state and election appoint and dismiss his to comprise a person and the system about personnel of national public office is appellative. The election system of our country is socialistic property, it is concerned election country the total that the law such as the principle of mechanism of various power gear, executive authority, adjudgement, procuratorial work mechanism and mechanism of highest military affairs, method, organization, program provides, its are basic content includes: Execute general, equal, direct election and indirect election to be used, safeguard of secret ballot, right and constituency are right of the delegate supervise and unmake wait for total principle; Use build election orgnaization, electorate to differentiate, register on behalf of allocation of quota of people, constituency, candidate nomination, vote, the legal means such as plan ticket method; Be organized by legal office and chair; Election of solid luggage draw together is written mediumly ticket, voting, scrutinize balloting, plan ticket and be elected as a standard certainly, announce election result inside one a complete set of is legal program.
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