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China develops the law of monetary market fund to think
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On September 13, 2003, card inspect meets what chairman Shang Fulin expresses clearly on fund joint meeting to support monetary market fund roll out. On September 21, card inspect can give each fund company to allot " monetary market fund administers provisional regulation " ask for an opinion to stalk of grain. The article tasties here setting falls, make big introduction narrate to the generation of monetary market fund and development, and try to think and be analysed from legal angle to fund of market of Chinese development currency.

Keyword: Finance of fund of fund currency market superintends legislation

In ceaseless development process of economy, the gold of monetary system since this system breaks down, the ceaseless innovation of financial domain, the get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh that finance derives a tool makes whole banking system continual change blood. Arnaud. Xi Erji thinks, financial innovation points to the financial tool that changed financial structure introduce and apply. The innovation of financial tool is the most general, the mainest type. [1] from the United States " Q byelaw " [the occurrence of 2] arrives its are very fast exit finance to superintend a system, we see any innovation about economic system and law also are indispensable not hard. Be in in open mode fund at present home be able to below the circumstance of admittance, monetary market fund will be rolled out again, home looks about the contention battle of monetary market fund be about to fall next heavy curtain, when rich, 3 companies hopeful makes trade of Hua Anhe action first monetary market fund that obtains license plate runs a company. Of monetary market fund create the development that will urge Chinese orgnaization investor greatly, make monetary market and capital market implementation connect. But, according to the reality of American experience and China, domestic banking and monetary policy authorities also will bear to be pounded tremendously accordingly. Relevant policy and standard of law law plan still remain to found, we study no time to delay to this law, in view of knowledge shallow of the author, the article carries out monetary market fund to make a few law think with respect to China only.
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