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Legal person grinds all day analyse law, become easily " the machine that handles legal issue " . The profit that a such machines generate, often go up unlike advanced product line an industry machine is more. Considering regard a society as reaction device, namely " the machine that handles legal issue " the person needs to rest (rest this kind to perform melt into even right of a kind of law, the person cannot turn 24 hours continuously) , the durable sex of legal person, bad at industrial machine. Accordingly, it is those who prevent a person to live tragic, the person must make the bouncing sex activity that machine of a few industry cannot be, with promoting a person live value. This that is to say, legal person needs sortie to pursue the matter beyond a few major.  

Someone says: "Good, we go libertinism! " but, libertinism is an animal people the result that can produce, drink only this kind of activity, as if have a bit " the person's characteristic " -- animal won't brew and drinkable beauty wine, but other libertinism activity, animal people about the same metropolis. This that is to say, legal person goes doing the thing beyond law, evolution of one not careful meeting is a kind " law is zoologic " setting. Fill in the company, the ethos of match idle away in seeking pleasure is prosperous -- the society is popular with " the amount that be mixed by the breed of conquer animal " come of person of collate and stipulate live class, conquer abalone, langouste, masked civet, owl, woman waits for mankind of many kinds of generous, often be by the label " the person that succeed " . If observe from biologic angle merely, this expresses the success in understanding biology person to be in animal world really. The society with this kind of successful potential standard admits, can explain amusement of public money banquet is popular in People's Republic of China, because of,move without what can hold back, also can explain the lawyer handles a case why should the process invite a judge cordially to enjoy seafood, Shan Zhen. Embed the people that is in animal world greatly, need with " by conquer animal " breed and amount, quote proves his success.  
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