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The scotoma of civil code
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Give a lecture: Ceng ShixiongProfessor
Compere: Fei AnlingProfessor
Time: On October 12, 2005
Place: Hall of report of art of library science of graduate school of college of Chinese politics and law
Fei AnlingProfessor: We had favour to ask Taiwan very much today distinguished scholar, in us the mainland also is affected tremendousCeng ShixiongProfessor, let us welcome with enthusiastic applauseCeng ShixiongProfessor. All of us had seen a lot ofCeng ShixiongThe professor is in learned achievement, andEverTeaching the biggest characteristic is him the academic point of view that makes knowledge and him has its bright individual character, this kind of distinct personality makes him right the understanding of academic problem and elaborate have its original place. Let us leave more timeCeng ShixiongTeacher, ask belowEverThe teacher begins his lecture.
Ceng ShixiongProfessor: Everybody is good. We study the person of civil code, it is in mainland law faculty around move code goes around in circles, ying Meifa also is walk back and forth inside legal precedent law. Actually civil code is according to the society setting is in of gradual progress, ought to seek a reasonable solution according to the demand of social setting. Civil code ought to study why so regulation, this regulation is in specific society after all appropriate. This is the basic attitude that when studying civil law, ought to have. Somebody has a comment on Internet to my book, to civil code now with in the future is a bold creative idea, this view is right, the viewpoint because of me and now social regulation is not identical. I use this opportunity to promote a few my ideas today, also not these ideas that confine promotes at me, if you have a problem, so the question that you raise you.
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