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Theory sincere letter and " lawfully sincere letter " pay taxes
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Sincere letter is short of breaking is a problem that puzzles our country for a long time. Nowadays, to sincere letter call pervade each levels of the society. Needing those who point out to emphasize is, sincere letter is the soul of market economy. One does not have what the credit, market that does not have order cannot ensure economy to develop continuously, cannot bring the comprehensive promotion of people life quality. For this, face taxation state to fare badly, tax evasion fights the grim reality that owes imposition to exist generally, we will discuss lawfully sincere letter pay taxes this one topic appears particularly pressing it is important to mix.

One, " sincere letter " unscramble

"Sincere letter " namely honest credence, it is market society a when tradition civilian commercial law abides by age-old law principle. Below condition of modern market economy, the basic meaning of sincere letter has three-layer: It is main body equality; 2 it is information is made public; 3 it is accrual and risk reciprocity. It is fundamental key with this, we will spread out the discussion that be as follows to sincere letter principle.

Alleged sincere letter, the one party party that makes some kind of commitment namely is fulfilled and cash the behavior of oneself acceptance. We are OK the accumulates the research achievement summary with scholars to give sincere letter a few attribute according to the history: The first, the premise that sincere letter produces is existing to become independent each other, each participant that has different interest each. The essence of sincere letter passes the commitment that offers his to accept other places commitment namely, share each uncertainty to future in order to eliminate, produce affirmatory anticipation, the action of oneself is planned on this foundation, those who seek oneself increase is the biggest change. The normal evolution of modern society is core and foundation with credit. The 2nd, participate in each to all just have certain energy, restrict each other, achieve so called balanced status. These energy can have a variety of expression forms: Power of economy, armed strength, morality, law, administration. The 3rd, although,participate in each sometimes interest coincide, but still can put in local conflict, consequently each just think to come to an agreement through negotiating is the best choice below certain condition. The 4th, abide by affirmatory meeting to bring a profit to one's own side, conversely, will cause a loss, still can be punished accordingly even. The 5th, must use legal measure is supervised and punish those breaking one's promise behavior. Because this needs to have relevant legislation, establish governmental orgnaization to fulfil this one obligation.
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