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Seek standard of a power of attorney by what perfect our country
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One, foreword

Solicit proxy (Solicitation Of Proxy) is to show other stems from era definitely the purpose of the management strategy that the major item of joint-stock company, control governs a company to perhaps reorganization company board of directors adjusts a company then, seek partner authorization its act on one's behalf is voting the behavior of a power of attorney of authority. [What 1] is worth to be carried is domestic some work will ask for a power of attorney to call buy a power of attorney to perhaps ask for voting dealership, the author thinks to all be inferior to soliciting proxy appropriate: A power of attorney is unfavorable and paid buy, otherwise malpractice needs much; And partner is in the right on shareholder plenary meeting is voting authority not only apparently, still authority of draft resolution authority, know the inside story is waited a moment, call ask for voting dealership unavoidable the suspicion that has contractible partner right.

Because finite liability company provides a person to add up to a gender, and the number is less (2-50 person) , reason is not had necessary solicit proxy. The joint-stock company that regards the public as the company appears on the market especially company fact has those who solicit proxy is necessary. To broad partner character, attend shareholder plenary meeting and exercise right to vote and put forward below certain condition second reading, it is one of content that partner counterpoises. But, the abidance that needs capital as the ceaseless grow in quantity of Inc. amount, place rises, the share of Inc. is very dispersive, partner number is numerous and live scattered each district, partner attends shareholder plenary meeting personally far award other exercise economy to go to the lavatory dealership not as good as. More what is more,the rather that, in economics theoretic, existence wears what communal goods perhaps says to be not private article " hitchhike " phenomenon. [The sheet with general 2] therein small shareholder attends shareholder plenary meeting personally is economically not of be to one's profit, such great majority in them won't attend shareholder plenary meeting, its interest is able to reflect on shareholder plenary meeting hard. But if have an intermediate organization, partner awards this the organization dealership, attend exercise of shareholder plenary meeting to poll by this organization authority criterion hopeful solves this problem. Ask for a power of attorney to having positive effect to authority of partner of broad partner exercise it is thus clear that.
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