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Research of a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffer
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Promote to be mixed from development tertiary industy western the circumstance that the height of big development will come to master orgnaization of intermediary of Guizhou Province law, intermediary of law of understanding Guizhou Province serves market trends, make to save a government thereby, adjust industrial policy to provide a basis, panel of investigation of legal intermediary orgnaization undertook investigation of special subject of market of service of intermediary of Guizhou Province law. To make our investigation more thorough, obtains data more full and accurate, our investigation method basically adopts the method that function department investigation and photograph of representative sample investigation combine. Investigating hall of hall of Guizhou Province judicatory, Guizhou Province civil administration, Guizhou Province on the foundation of office of natural resources of land of bureau of industrial and commercial administration, Guizhou Province, the attorney office that chose 3 to have typical sex sense again (not unhook saves straight place model -- office of attorney of Guiyang city public office, already unhook saves straight place model -- office of attorney of the Big Dipper and not place of unhook county class is typical -- breath beacon county comforts civilian attorney office, particular case sees accessory) undertook type is investigated staying at a selected grass-roots unit to help improve its work and gain first hand experience for guiding overall work. Fall in the assistance of judicatory hall again next, held an informal discussion with the controller of a certain number of attorney offices, the problem that makes chief him introduction of each place the circumstance of place, current exist asks with theirs. According to the data that obtains through above means, the course is arranged, analysis and promotion, formed this report.

One, the fundamental condition that I visit lawyer team and attorney office
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