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Consumer rights and interests protects 3 problems
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FromOn January 1, 1994Carry out since " rights and interests of consumer of People's Republic of China protects a law " (the following abbreviation " disappear law " ) since, with annual "3.15 "For the center, the action making a holiday through climax happen frequently and public opinion are publicized, the broad citizen of our country all is in or accept lawful consumption active or passively to get legal protection, rights and interests suffers enroach on to be able to obtain consumptive law concept of compensation. Meanwhile, operator serves as the contrary of consumer, its respect the legal consciousness of consumer to also rise ceaselessly. More and more operator realise, normative oneself manages action, ensure the implementation of consumer rights and interests, it is legal requirement not only, also be helpful for beating unfair competition, enhance industry vitality, the long-term interests that protects him company. This kind of current situation makes clear " disappear law " " the legitimate rights and interests to protect consumer, uphold socioeconomy order, health of stimulative socialist market economy develops " legislative tenet is able to come true stage by stage. Below such setting, the article tries to concern the problem that consumer and protection of its rights and interests fulfil to talk about one canal to 3 see, advise with square home colleague.

One, consumer

Consumer (English Consumer) the bear person of rights and interests of the boy or girl friend that protects as legislation, consumer, of course is the most basic idea that consumes legal system. Accordingly, make clear its meaning is the first issue that build and perfects consumptive law system.
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