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The language after the judge " with " affection the law blends "
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Juridical copy clerk reforms the main component that is judicatory reform, in this respect, in recent years forensic interior rolled out all sorts of reform act. For example, in judgment " fact and evidence " part, with " judge is as follows " replace past basket and of all " find out via cognizance " , so that state the process of the content of view dominating debate and bilateral quote, qualitative card and judge attestation, reason and result adequately; The simple case with not big to controversy, clear fact, use the type of juridical copy clerk of filled type; In the attach after judgment this case place is applicable specific clause content of law; The page is added to explain party to embrace some appealing to to counterpoise in the light of adjudicative place after judgment, etc. These reform were changed infirmly long-term since of juridical copy clerk " authority creed " colour, strengthened juridical copy clerk to contain the argue sex with formally, diaphaneity and lawful sex requirement inside, the value orientaton that reflected esteem to accuse authority, convenient people, pursuit is just, accordingly, won industry inside and outside general reputably. Of course, reform is the career of a ceaseless exploration, in a lot of reform act is obtained praise and approbate while, also a few reform act to did not get expectant acclamation, brought about doubt. This includes to be added in judgment among them " the language after the judge " a kind of such practices.

A lot of people think I oppose this reform, because be before this a treat of " the perfect thinking in judicatory reform " in the article (see our newspaper September 20 " judicatory trivial word " ) , I ever said a paragraph of such words that comment on a gender at this point: "A few courts are carried out add in juridical copy clerk ' the language after the judge ' reform. I read concerned demonstrative material, but cease still should ask: What relation are law and heart, law and affection after all? In soar law banner today, if we still feel to be on morality, reason after making judicatory adjudicate ' one's heart still fluttering with fear ' , meaning still did not use up, and cannot be certain oneself juridical argue can be in legal principle and reason (still have logic and unity and coherence in writing of course) on accomplish content and formally blend syncretic; If we always are holding scepticism of a kind of morality in the arms to law, ' ruthless ' view, always feel to be only besides legal principle ability shows morality, sense, so we have sufficient reason to suspect here not only really ' law ' , also suspect here ' heart ' , here ' affection ' . Also suspect here ' heart ' , here ' affection ' ..
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