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Discuss a few issues that the contract makes over
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The contract is made over is a kind of phenomena that often produce in solid Wu of contract of commodity market society, our country " civil code general rule " and " contract law " have corresponding regulation to its. Because the contract makes over a relatively dated microcosmic domain in belonging to contract law theory to consider, and the heat of the contend that at present home talks about contract theory of law and research is centered at macroscopical domain mostly on the new issue of microcosmic perhaps domain, be opposite consequently of this one problem discuss less. But because the contract is made over it is sex of a practicality, operation phenomenon of extremely strong contract law law, friend author thinks to undertake to its further development considers to still have theory and solid Wu the value of two respects.

One, the property that the contract transfers and feature

Before the property that transfers in discussion contract and feature, let us see the relevant regulation that our country law transfers to the contract first.

In our country " contract law " promulgate previously, the legislation that makes over about the contract has:

" technical contract law " the 26th regulation: "Inside technical contract period of efficacy, party one party agrees without another, do not get the part its right and obligation to perhaps make over tripartite entirely. Do not get the part its right and obligation to perhaps make over tripartite entirely..

" technical contract law carries out byelaw " the 34th regulation: "The right of the contract, will compulsory part perhaps makes over one party of technical contract party entirely of the 3rd person, ought to obtain other one party agree, and do not get the right through making over a contract and benefit of compulsory and illegal obtain.
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