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The innovation that judicatory reforms and unified
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● adjudgement means and even judicatory system reform are to provide innovation and the field that have positive result most most. But, judicatory is reformed must development of rigorous and orderly land undertakes, assure its gravity sex and oneness

● " the language after the judge " violate system regulation, easy the disorder that causes idea of elementary administration of justice and judge part consciousness, should grant to be treated carefully

Some closer year come, treating lawfully country, in the course that builds home of socialistic law manage state affairs, judicatory reform is to have energy most, have an innovation spirit, field that has positive result most most, we are opposite down to accordingly reform of Chinese politics system is more hopeful also. But we should realise, the judicatory that turn one's head comes to our country more than 10 years is reformed, can discover a few problems really. To this, group of law, law should be caused take seriously. Otherwise, cannot obtain what judicatory reforms to expect the result not only, can make judiciary reform loses its due earnest sex and oneness instead, bring about the judicatory reform that has scored marked gain to get negative effect.

Recently, " legal daily " and " people court signs up for " successive print was sent about " the language after the judge " message and article. The author thinks, "The language after the judge " go up somehow showed these days is certain the optional sex of judicatory reform measure, the problem that reforms this be related to close law state construction, thing to pass national government level to judicatory has negative effect, affected its oneness and earnest sex. To this, the potential harm that can go up from regulation of idea of elementary administration of justice, system and practice 3 respects give specification.
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