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Mainland area is existent of archives of bright Qing Dynasty distributing reach
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One, introductive

In bright Qing Dynasty archives is made public and be used by commonner interest previously, bright Qing Dynasty history research worker is much wait in order to use the government-owned book of this two period, politics book, collected works, note to be main historical data. After revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches wins, the research immediately of Qing Dynasty history is arisen, family name of the earliest much use king and Jiang two " Dong Hualu " , ever since, as a result of bright Qing Dynasty the photocopy of memoir of all previous face is published, be considered as the most precious gem at that time, but, as clear palace archives and various places of archives of bright Qing Dynasty announce, the scholar thinks consistently, this ability is the most primitive also be the richest historical data, for the point of view that learns from Shi Yuan, it just is first-hand curiosa. Since 1924, library of museum of boreal smooth the Imperial Palace begins keep and arrange these archives and since a few print cloth, special begin from 50 time, custodial unit of two sides, namely the first history of Beijing China archives (library of museum of predecessor hereat palace, archives, central archives ministry of bright Qing Dynasty) , institute of language of history of part of document of books of museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace, central academy relatively the archives material that publishs all sorts of special subject sexes systematically, accept what study worker domestic and internationally to check respectively with, the academic value of archives of bright Qing Dynasty, more get high evaluation. Think consistently, want pair of bright Qing Dynasty now history, have thorough research to Qing Dynasty history especially, if do not use record of bright Qing Dynasty, obtain high quality positive result very hard.

The article is brief introduce existent mainland area the custodial current situation of archives of bright Qing Dynasty reachs all sorts of level and category value of its historical data:

2, the archives of central imperial court

As a result of historical reason, the files that clear palace saves shows cent to put two sides, among them such as palace is intermediate place of memorial to the throne of comments or remarks written in red with a brush, military plan records deputy, cabinet to inscribe this imperial edict, memoir, daily life to note, shelves of shop of Qing Dynasty history, credential, imperial edict, imperial mandate is sealed etc, two sides has collect, but on the amount with Beijing China holding of record of the first history is originally more, along with basically saves the 6 divisions that are in this house to inscribe this, archives of imperial edict archives, internal affairs government office, general affairs of each country of file of old files of archives of archives of an official document or note of jade of person seat of government, manage hedge courtyard, full article, the Ministry of Punishments in feudal China, Huang Ce, premier, and all sorts of graphs, book, odd, piece wait, rough estimate has 10 million, the earliest is account of period of Hong Wu of Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming Dynasty poineering emperor each population thing produces taxes to wait " door post " , the latest reach Yu Qingchao ruined, time span amounts to 500 one's remaining years, amount such huge, should say, alive bound limits is infrequent.
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