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Draft of table of contents of Wang Shijie book and catalog of data of Wang Shiji
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Acknowledgment is medium south Professor Fan Zhongxin shows courtyard of law of university of politics and law of finance and economics wholeheartedly, library of acknowledgment Wuhan college hides a your kind effort of Mr. Tian Qi especially the education that Hui Ciji of Xu Zhengbang curator collects archives of university of Wuhan of help, acknowledgment;

This catalog is chased originally with chasing piece consult Wuhan university and in south allusion Tibet ministry mixes library of college of politics and law of finance and economics to hide ministry books periodical to be main source especially. Armour ministry consulted Chinese law can be made up 1986 " Chinese law catalogue " , library of college of Chinese politics and law was made up 1991 " catalogue of Chinese law books " , in the center of catalogue of holding of Wuhan college library, Taipei academy history. Yuan Shushang did not see in person entirely. Second ministry consulted countrywide Chinese periodical combines library of college of index of periodical of whole nation of library of catalog, Shanghai, Wuhan to conceal ministry periodical catalog, station especially catalog of 9 order anthology, Taichun grinds courtyard catalog of 8 order collected works. All law article already all was checked textually.

Fierce big library is emeritus house member past years of a surname teacher is collected have Wang Shijie data many; Taiwan politics university has Master paper to be a problem with Wang Shijie biography; Hair of De Fang of king of its brother's son wishs behind Xue Ting " period want a material with collecting Qi Chong 2 years " commemorate in order to offer research, its data should be in Wang later generations and alumni association of Wu Dalv stage are in; Hubei esteems library of a light boat of in relief snow to composing of part of Mr Wang Shijie hides only. There is to circulate on the network the catalog of very wide Wang Shijie life and write, come from actually at " Vicki 100 divisions " , this vocabulary entry still remains to perfect. The place that this catalog still should have careless omission is not little, reason with " draft " say, the hope receives the criticism of netizen and historical lover, improve in order to wait for.

Mr Wang Shijie is our country's latter-day and famous jurisconsult, was born on March 10, 1891, soldier on April 21, 1981, word snow a light boat, hubei esteems person of in relief county. Young read private school, be graduated from university of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning of normal school of Hubei super grade, Tianjin. Revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches erupts, return Wu Chang therefore, attend revolution, allow secretary of government office of superintend and director. Studied abroad 1913 England, enter courtyard of London university plutonomy, obtained a plutonomy 1917 person. Turn after go to France, enter Parisian college, do sth in the proper way learned a doctor's degree 1920. Went back to the motherland 1921 professor of successor Beijing University, tuitional compare constitution, establish in Beijing with friend " contemporary comment " weekly. Held the post of director of bureau of national government legal system 1927, courtyard of arbitrate of The Hague international judges, bottom of of the same age holds the post of Hubei to save governmental committee member to hold educational office hall concurrently to grow again, hold the post of Kuomintang legislator. Took office as president of national Wuhan university 1929, change social academy of sciences to be law courtyard, add jurisprudential department. Held the post of minister of Ministry of Education 1933, successor publicizes the duty such as minister and Foreign Minister. Held the post of delegate of Chongqing negotiation Kuomintang 1945. Went 1949 Taiwan, hold the post of secretary-general of presidential government office, held the post of 1970 endowment politics. Central academy director of council of museum of academician of law of law of the first humanitarian group, the Imperial Palace, " Hong Kong times " administrative committee director. Ever waited with Hu Kuo, Lei Zhen establish " free China " semimonthly. Have successively held the posts of " central academy " dean, add improved institute of physics, animal, plant, economy, new built collaboration of Sino-US and scientific seminar to organize, founded the research center such as maths, physics, biology, industry, agriculture, chemistry. Lifetime of Mr Wang Shijie is taught scientificly to Chinese law and society and considered to make crackajack contribution. Already discovered 20 its composing is close at present, article of short duration plan more than 130. Basically distributing to learn science of society of university of quarterly publication, Wuhan at division of Beijing University society magazine of economy of magazine of quarterly publication, Pacific Ocean, contemporary comment, Oriental magazine, contemporary comment, the Republic of China, law politics magazine of journal, education. The following catalog is united in wedlock roughly publish time to be order with journal sort early or late.
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