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The academy hides general situation of clear acting archives in the center of mu
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One, the clear acting record that museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace stores

As a result of well-known reason, the carry of high-quality goods of a batch of archives that saved for library of museum of the Imperial Palace formerly 1949 is gone to Taiwan 204 box. In these archives, have palace history house reachs nation of courtyard of files of office of intermediate, military plan, ministerial ministry clear history shop shelves, share four.

(one) the archives in palace

The archives in the palace of carry stage basically approves memorial to the throne for Hanwenzhu. Among them Kang Xi folds 2986 toward Han Wenzou, the person that have play music includes Wang Wenxiong, Wang Shichen, Wang Yiqian, Wang Duzhao, Wang Jingceng, Wang Hongxu, Wang Yinglong, king Lan Sheng, Chou Zhaoao.

Yong Zhengchao Han Wenzhu approves memorial to the throne, about twenty-two thousand three hundred and seventy-five. Come from 1723 1735 (Yong Zhengyuan year to 13 years) . Basically be target of each district hedge, superintend and director is stroked, the general, memorial to the throne that raises a guard. Other if give the thing is medium, censorial drive history, Eight Banners the memorial to the throne of a high official in ancient China of all, departmental courtyard, Shi Lang is not little also.

Qianlong approves memorial to the throne toward Hanwenzhu, have fifty-nine thousand four hundred and thirty-six. Have among them many about " 10 complete gest " the material that administers border area.

The Hanwenzhu of each face approves the later period in clear generation memorial to the throne: Jia Qingchao nineteen thousand nine hundred and thirty-six. Talk smooth day twelve thousand four hundred and ninety-three. Xian Fengchao seventeen thousand and ninety-two. Control government together 176. Guang Xuchao eighteen thousand four hundred and eighty-six. Announce all face 97. Smooth, announce in the memorial to the throne of two face, about the material of revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches, very rich, be like the battle of benefit city, eclectic account is more detailed.

The Hanwenzhu of each face approves above memorial to the throne, add up to fifty-three thousand two hundred and twenty-five.

The Man Wenzhu of carry stage approves measure of memorial to the throne not much, add up to 2570. Among them Kang Xi face makes an appointment with more than 800. Yong Zhengchao makes an appointment with more than 800. Qianlong face makes an appointment with more than 70. Talk smooth day makes an appointment with more than 100. Xian Fengchao makes an appointment with more than 400. Treat together, 3 face arrange interconnected system of smooth mood, announce more than 400. These fold a much is the memorial to throne of old official of full Meng Qingui and border area. Kang Xi provides achieve person to have Shang Shan of He Shuokang infante, health infante toward memorial to the throne of full article comments or remarks written in red with a brush all of outstanding book, 9 pace army gets Fei Yang An Zhuhu of the ancient, general that give a day, crown prince allow is thrown, stroke far, in reaching Li Bin, delay Jin Ba of patch up of world, A La, Lama to letter Qi Ertu of Mu Su, Russia of Che Chen sweat grandson car of Danduoerji, fugleman overcomes Ga Er Hunan. Stroke ambitious general Fei Yang among them ancient about allowing the memorial to the throne of Ga Er in safety, fujian Zhejiang governor becomes aware Luo Man protects the memorial to the throne that about Taiwan Zhu Yigui starts armed struggle to wait, it is extremely valuable historical data. The person provide to fold of memorial to the throne of Yong Zhengchao full article is high-ranking official of civil and military of Beijing inside and outside more, stroke like departmental a high official in ancient China, Shi Lang, each infante, great scholar, governor, general, make one's rounds, all, deputy all. Delay patch up of La of letter, A among them, year the memorial to the throne of the person such as Monarch Yao of a thick soup, Chang Shou, historical data value is higher.
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