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A book of valuable recent historical data -- introduce " Guang Xuchao Dong Hualu
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" Chao Donghua records smooth mood " , original name " add records Dong Hua " , the annalistic style historical data that is a late clear Guang Xuchao is long make up. The first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of all of first edition Yu Xuan, every 220. 1958, new make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings arranges China press publish, according to appellative easy name is " Guang Xuchao Dong Hualu " in all 5; Granted again 1985 overprint.

" does Chao Donghua record smooth mood " author Zhu Shoupeng (1868, ? ) , word stannum 100, date graceful box (ā N) , jiangsu saves Shanghai county person. A successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties in 1902, a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations in 1903, ren Hanlin courtyard is made up long. Xin Hai enters diplomatic group after revolution, ever held the post of secretary of the State Council, be stationed in third secretary of Brazilian official diplomatic mission and thing of Qian of department of government affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to wait for duty.

Zhu Shoupeng has gotten the education of Chinese tradition culture of the system, compile for him " Guang Xuchao Dong Hualu " laid a foundation; And his political thought contains enlightened colour, be born from second half look, he did not become the learned man that immerses oneself in book case, however the diplomat of politics of an active participation. " Chao Donghua records smooth mood " the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of all of publication Yu Xuan also is him when the care politics proof. Can say, " Chao Donghua records smooth mood " at that time is to serve as collection of data of a current affairs to publish.

"Dong Hualu " one word only then see period of Yu Qingqian grand. National history house compiles Jiang Liangqi estreat " memoir " , this red waiting for Guan Xiu history, year after year is made up carry, get a certain number of coiling. Because national history house is located in inside Dong Hua door a bit north, reason names " Dong Hualu " . But Jiang " Dong Hualu " before Ji Yongzheng 5 face, yi Fuxiang of Wang Xianqian, Pan continues after, among them Wang add arrives to control government together. Zhu Shoupeng names his book " add records Dong Hua " , show king wanting add is made, on compilatory stylistic rules and layout consequently Yi Cheng raids Jiang, king to wait and come, year classics month abb, set out by day carry, daily have historical data a certain number of, by the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches Jirifa is arranged. In all collect Guang Xuyi the historical data toward 34 years more than 16600.

" Chao Donghua records smooth mood " although before be adopted as heir to one's uncle a few face " Dong Hualu " and come, but different however on historical data origin. Before a few face " Dong Hualu " all stem from " memoir " later, basically be estreat " memoir " , fraction take up his book and become. " Chao Donghua records smooth mood " when publishing, " Dezongshi is recorded " have not compile book, reason is not had " memoir " can rely on, spend air force by him complier completely, assemble of extensive collect material becomes a book.
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