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Sleep law of tiger ground the Qin Dynasty 18 kinds
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Pluvial 為  < timely rain > , reach 誘 (beautiful) millet, 輒 with 書 character  < timely rain > sow, 誘 (beautiful) Su Ji 豤 (墾 ) cropland  not (無) sow person 頃 數 . Sow already gave birth to after and rain, also 輒 Yan Yu is little much, 數 of place benefit 頃 . Early < drought > reach cruel 風 rain, Shui Lao,  (Zhong) sow of 傷 of its content of  ,  person, also 輒 character its 頃 數 . Close 縣 makes 輕 sufficient its 書 , 遠 縣 makes what 郵 goes, 盡 August of □ □ . Tian Lv.

Spring Feburary, mountain forest of wood of material of Wu Gan cut down and harmony (stop up) 隄 water. Not Xia Yue, careless 為 of Wu Gan night is grey, take  of unripe Li, 麛 (egg) 鷇, not 鱉 of poisonous 魚 of □ of □ of □ of □ □ □ , buy  not (網) , of to July 縱. Die unfortunately only and cut down 綰 (coffin) enjoy (槨 ) person, be need not 時. The  of city (close) black and it bans Yuan Zhe, dog of 將 of 麛 時 Wu Gan with cropland. Common people dog is entered ban Yuan Zhong and do not chase after 獸 to reach the person that catch 獸, not dare 殺 ; Its chase after 獸 to reach the person that catch 獸, of 殺 . River (breathe out) dog of the 殺 that ban place, all be over fair; The person that other bans center 殺 , eat its meat and enter a skin. Tian Lv.

Enter 頃 芻  , suffer Tian Zhi 數 with its, 無 豤 (墾 ) not 豤 (墾 ) , 頃 enters 芻 2 stone of 3 stone,  . 芻 reachs  from 黃  bundle above all suffers. Enter 芻  , photograph 輸 is spent, but  (also) . Tian Lv.

徹 of  of standing grain, 芻 (remove) wood, 薦 , the court of a feudal ruler of 縣 of 數 of the stone on 輒. Do not use, 復 with 薦 蓋. Tian Lv.

Take bovine 稟 by 馬, 過 will not in Feburary 稟, not the person that send, all stop, not 稟, send. 稟 land for growing field crops and not (無) constant book person, send day of 稟 with its, do not send greatly. Tian Lv.

 of Wu Gan of the person that common people resides Tian She (Gu) the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches (wine) , 謹 of assist of cropland 嗇 husband, ministry bans drive, have not the person that 從 makes is guilty. Tian Lv.

廄 Yuan Lv

With in April, in July, Tian Niu of 膚 of October, the first month of the lunar year. Soldier 歲, with big 課 of the first month of the lunar year, most, the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches of 壺 of husband of 賜 cropland 嗇 (wine) bundle chest, 為 drought < black > person divide one more, day of 賜 ox 長 3 a period of ten days; Hall person, husband of 誶 cropland 嗇 , 罰 busyness black person in Feburary. Its with Niu Tian, bovine  絜, treat (cane) advocate person inch 10. Have () in of 課, most person, hall of a period of ten days of day of 賜 field standard, treat (cane) thirty. 廄 Yuan Lv.

 (false) 鐵 implement, 銷 is our not 勝 and 毀 person, 為 uses 書 , suffer not 責 . 廄 encloseds ground for growing trees.
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