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Chen Hongmou and " take up a political career compasses of involuntary discharge
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" take up a political career compasses of involuntary discharge of urine " be the concerned ethics education that Chen Hongmou compiles " compasses of 5 kinds of involuntary discharge of urine " (1) a medium kind, in Qianlong 7 years (1742) the editor becomes a book. This book cent issues two to go up, cento take the place of to Qing Dynasty from Song Dai a few politicians, scholar is discussed about what take up a political career, "Truly sufficient popular feeling and thick custom " (2) . "Young bear the example of teacher and friend of father and elder brothers " Chen Hongmou " four force at reading " , editing " take up a political career compasses of involuntary discharge of urine " before had read, had amassed this kind of collection, he all the time bright university person Li Jiu I am editorial " Song Xian thing is collected " belt beside, also ever " between a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center of Yu Guanzhai screen " (3) had read the write at the beginning of Zhang Dong of Shi Lang of Ming Daili ministry " however golden Tang Sizhen " . Chen Hongmou is in after entering official career, to absorbing forefathers take up a political career experience is more advertent, although " current affairs is different, psychological criterion one, or master its thing, or master its meaning, or more push and wide, earning fine is much. " (4)

One, " take up a political career compasses of involuntary discharge of urine " compilatory

In Yong Zhengyuan year (1723) favour in trying, the countryside in Chen Hongmou of 27 years old tries the first, it is in of the same age a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations. Next year, he is awarded Ji Shi of be the concubine of courtyard of member of the Imperial Academy, began the official career career that is as long as 47 years. Chen Hongmou is in after entering official circles, although did not encounter abnormality to promote, but get preferment according to normal step all the time, to Yong Zheng 11 years (1733) already preferment Yunnan cloth politics make. At the beginning of Dan Zaiqian grand year be fallen however of 3 class penalize, and fuse is the issue that he presses the practise fraud in solving Guangxi province to reclaim wasteland as soon as possible again and again. This kind of unfair treatment, stimulated him to official morality kind Jiaohua book -- " take up a political career compasses of involuntary discharge of urine " compilatory.

Award reclaims wasteland have profit greatly at the national economy and the people's livelihood, arrange those who treat Ji Kangxi earlier stage to reclaim wasteland also gain apparent success really, but arrived after Kang Xi middle period, the moorland of great majority has gotten reclaiming, of Yong Zheng period reclaiming wasteland is to be in what can undertake below the circumstance that cultivate moorland dangers, moorland of cultivate of make a false report mu the secret that has made make public. "Alleged the person that reclaim, be not solid have arable land, do not spend official of place of incite sb to do sth of official of superintend and director, desire its sign up for more reclaim, then each are belonged to cater to boss " , "Point to call somewhere open space a certain number of, earth of somewhere free from worries a certain number of, tabulation is declared. Official of superintend and director is occupied its book, the newspaper is much person super- change, discuss appraise, the newspaper is little person severe batch explain put in order, or do not search an accident, hang play a stamp... the person that down to signs up for cultivate in succession. The ground that anounces actually, be not the area of flood land grit, namely hillock truly the ground, sepulchral even side, dike is in, blown away by wind of search get rid of offers as a gift. " (5) local official is promoted for oneself, not hesitate practise fraud, the cultivate of barren land newspaper that cannot cultivate, press after several years mu impose land tax, common people " sell sell female be defeated in order to answer " .
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