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" the collection that wash bad luck " textual (add the introduction)
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Foreword jail thing not is weighed at capital punishment, capital punishment not the affection at the beginning of overweight, affection not is weighed first at examining. The lid gives birth to the authority area of discrepancy to death, deep and remote crooked bends extended machine draw together, then definitely. Difference is known so in the law today assist manage Yuan person, sincerely to also. Year come city county, all with appoint at the beginning of official, fu Zhi is right anthology, more experience is not difficult, try abruptly, weigh the bully bogus that makes with Wu, the evil that official petties official is artful, visional change, boundless and indistinct cannot closely question. Zong Youmin person, of one mind two eye, also use without place its wisdom, and Kuang Yao looks and not close, attack by surprise is nose and the person that distain! Kind target of 4 be favored with is sent, he is not had inch long, alone Yu Yu case, of careful careful, not dare bud slow Yi Xin of one fine long hair. If bright knows his to be bully like that, repeatedly to fall with refute; Or doubt believes pendency, relapse surely thoughtful, rate of for fear that goes however, the dead's empty by waterlogged seep through. Every study jail situation break, the difference with much inchoative result; Decide check by accident, what all try at all previous formerly is shallow. Satisfy rich to collect recent place to pass Zhu Shu, from " inside excuse me is recorded " the following, every counts the home, meet and of 稡, li and, add with oneself see, always be make up, the name says " the collect that wash bad luck is recorded " , print is treated at Hunan constitution, show my Tong Yin, make the each other that enter produce the expected result is taken an examination of, if the doctor talks ancient way, the outside and the inside of a general name for arteries and veins first already hole clear, once press this in order to use point out sb's errors and offer salutary advice, in sending all without exception. Criterion its wash content of bad luck lustre, when as same as bring the dying back to life function. Before honest 祐 Ding Mojia averages a red-letter day 10 days, face comes loose to carry punishment doctor, newly to fill ambassadorial travel government office to consult government-owned the Song Dynasty mothers except straight secret cabinet, Hunan benefit father foreword. Virtuous scholar-bureaucrat or have so that reach experience of close place experience at information, stem from this collect besides person, cut look at a paper collection to grant, with wide did not have.   of Ci Bai report washs loss market to record foreword eventually

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All cadaver come true and not check; First answer with. Or suffer difference to pass two when do not send; Meet night not plan, below allow this; Or do not visit inspect; Or errant crucial point is terminal because of; Or decide and undeserved, call to be die in one's bed in order to be not manage to death, because the head is hurt,hurt and so on for coerce. Make in order to violate each theory. Send the person that the blame already came in and go out by test form namely, be absent confess one's crime become aware surrender example. Its thing state is difficult bright decide and improper person, bastinado 100. Official person, pedestrian is first-class division blame.
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