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Home Zhang Shan Hanjian " 2 years the law makes " Shi Wen
From;    Author:Stand originally
Explain: This notebook is depended on " bamboo slip of Home Zhang Shan Hanmu " one book is typed, every brief hind mix with brief date come up out of land date, what some words use is the font of lens of character of the present and the past, should OK on the machine that installed literal looking glass show correctly. This notebook is myself is typed, it is to offer oneself to use originally, put in many problems among them, with " bamboo slip of Home Zhang Shan Hanmu " one book is not identical: Shi Wenhe punctuation, there is the person that study according to other achievement or personal meaning alter between; The most word that connect a holiday not outpour; Many strange words were not inputted; Proofreaded only, have a mistake surely; Likely also some oneself do those who tag cutout did not use up... anyhow, put a network, consult for everybody only, when using, check please textual.

Type: Wang Wei

2 years the law makes 1 back

Well balanced with town city barrier is turned over, fall vassal, reach defend barrier of the booth that take a city, vassal person will attack pilfer, do not stand fast and abandon those who go if fall, the person that reach conspire against the state, all 1(F14)

Want cut. Its parents, wife, produce together, without grow less to all abandon town. Its sit rebel person, can slant catch, if tell official first, all eliminate pain of the person that sit. 2(C1)

Coal tub will lure reach for person, dismemberment of the body. The incomplete of coal tub 3(C that die)

Wicked Fan city, feudal official and prefectural officer accumulate 搖, abandon town. (Thief) Fan temple is abandoned, farmhouse of civilian room room, accumulate 搖, qing is city dawn pestle. Its be on fire delays Fan, fine 39, duty 4(F17)

Place Fan. Husband of miserly of country ministry, official, official advocate person not, fine each 19. 5(F16)

Boat person ferries a person and shed homicide, those who be able to bear or endure, boat miserly husband, official advocate person atone for is able to bear or endure. Its kill Ma Niu and injury person, boat person atone for is able to bear or endure, atone for of boat miserly husband, official (change) .

Su Mi its content, give its half, with losing boat person partly, a convoy of ships negative 2, apprentice is lost one; Its but button 覡 and those who die, all lose, a convoy of ships also lose 2, apprentice is lost one, punish boat miserly 7(C2A, C15B)

Gold of husband, official each 39. Stream kill and wound the person, ox that kill a horse, have die Su Mi its content person, not negative. 8(C3)

Bogus writes an emperor to believe royal seal, imperial travel royal seal, want cut with divide evenly. 9(F1A)

Bogus writes thorough Hou Yin, abandon town; Young officer imprints, be over 10(C15A of canister of pestle of the dawn that it is a city)
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