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" 9 government keep under control takes an examination of Cheng Shude < doubt o
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Cheng Shude gives birth to the Ji Shi that should have clear, render outstanding service and be famous at the Republic of China, qing Dynasty of knowledge root establish learns, with name of textual research old record at when the world. Move " collect of the analects of confucius commentate " , draw materials is very wide, consider a list all saying and next personal meaning, quite careful of essence of life also, a few desire with Liu father and son " justice " rival. Cheng calls clear oneself person take an examination ofing is talked, at my countries culture history take credit to oneself very Wei, cherish its do not learn at the law forcibly, send those who wish to fill therefore. This namely " the law is taken an examination of " be, what Yi Ke knows a family name to write force of motive of this book place is quite deep also. Reach " the law is taken an examination of " into, carry praise and stand, learning of big deserve well of, its lustre by hind the scholar is very much, and my laws history have a youthful look more suffer Hui Yan of greatest involuntary discharge of urine.
It is to write 1927 head imprint, there was overprint 1934. Country face in order to fall, business affairs imprints book house 1955 answer grant disseminate of print and distribute, like that collate school not essence of life, scanty have more by accident. Build what be collective because of its to be labour, the essence of life that reason far abdicate assumes alone at a person of academic or artistic distinction is made also. Hind one of 963 years, china press also copies is to write all right, place cherish Yu Wei sees its book, do not know how. Two years China press print and distribute is to write simplified horizontal setting of types this; The month of two years of Zhong Dong, china press print and distribute is to write traditional this the second edition, yu Dezhi. Check reads, know a copy for the record or for reproduction that its use therefore, namely business affairs imprints book house 1955 the old edition of print and publish, although school of Yu Yuan collate is medium scanty by accident place somewhat collate, like that wrong leakage is good because of,have more by accident still and the person that did not change. Cherish! This the result Yu that collective is labour?
Bright also not quick, like that quite good ancient, you Le reads secondhand book. Check was read recently, several get to be able to confirm its collate officer in the book then for by accident person, again more doubt is like for by accident person. It is grass this article, at present imprints according to business affairs book house 1955 print and publish this (the province says " business affairs this " ) , China press two annual go this (the province says " China this " ) , see according to more than, with respect to its critical, cite its example a little. And bright its by accident person, , make be not passed by accident repeatedly; The person that cast its doubt, put, the home that experts in order to advise with. If I has one to get, the person that may wish to ask attend school at the hair in the classmate has benefiting Yan a bit. Today the order that its book place reachs abide is as follows by the row:
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