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Northen Song Dynasty of bright hand-copied book " Tian Shengling " important lea
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Tian Yige collect carefully Northen Song Dynasty of bright hand-copied book " Tian Shengling " (add the Tang Dynasty " yuan your " ) dot school, graph is recorded this, via each joint efforts, publish formally by China press recently eventually. This is the research of Tang Song history not only, also will be our country of Shi Hetang of economic history, legal system, day and legal system of ancient time of East Asia each country compare research, leave
The research domain with a lot of and brand-new monarch and foreground.

During legal system of our country ancient time develops Sui Tang (6 centuries end reachs the Christian era at the beginning of 7 centuries) , already formed with the law, your, of the composition such as case, type amount to 100, the system of tight legal system that has 669 article composition, be called to be in archaic Asia area to have extensive effect by foreign scholar " China law culture " delegate. What regret however is, tang Chao's code, divide " law " outside still be being put, your, case, type is in yuan, bright die later comfort is not had hear, this brings about us long-term cannot the feature of the legal system of Chinese ancient time that correct, comprehensive understanding and evaluation include Tangchaofa to be made inside and form.

Japanese ancient time follows archaic state system of China, made follow the Tang Dynasty " law " , " your " " big treasure law makes " and " law of provide for the aged makes " . Survival comes down " provide for the aged makes " a lot of article are direct follow the pattern of or consult " Tang Ling " make, this is recover from an illness " Tang Ling " offerred a possibility. Use the earliest " provide for the aged makes " undertake " Tang Ling " recover from an illness of research, it is the cropland in Japanese distinguished scholar fumes a gentleman. After this, ren Jingtian Mr 陞 is in in below Tian Xunxian's unripe guidance, was finished 1933 and publish collect grand of rich of detailed of rich, examine and correct " Tang Lingshi offers as a gift " monumental work, search in all, recover from an illness Tang Ling 715, it is about " Tang Ling " 1/2 more than 1500. With Chi Tian Professor Wen is 6 scholars of the representing, gather together the country such as medium, day scholar the research achievement of 50 one's remaining years, all previous classics elaborate examine and correct of more than 10 years, editor, finish " Tang Lingshi offers as a gift " edit and supplementary, published formally 1997 " Tang Lingshi involuntary discharge of urine fills " . Of this 1500 pages grand, can saying is to go up century " Tang Ling " when study nearly hundred years positive result comprehensive summary, for each country scholar will study henceforth " Tang Ling " provided solid basis.

In home, " Tang Ling " study some attention to very long period was not answered. After reforming and opening, restore as what learning of two countries of medium, day communicates and develop, of Japanese scholar " Tang Ling " research achievement begins to pay close attention to and be taken seriously of our country scholar. 1989, wait for gentleman general by Li Jin " Tang Lingshi offers as a gift " interpret is published into Chinese, a few otherer the research achievement of Japanese scholar also is translated in succession or the introduction comes home. " Tang Ling " recover from an illness although research scores afore-mentioned significant gain, but its recover from an illness the base that seizes basically is ancient codes and records of of all kinds be handed down from ancient times is medium " Tang Ling " Yi article. Because of each your article mostly not complete, a lot of article have be short of slightly or be not textual character. Especially economic respect the 尙 that your article fails to recover from an illness is much, this makes " Tang Ling " research still is put in very big regret. 1999, mr Dai Jianguo in Ning Bo Tian Yige museum discovers bright hand-copied book " Guan Pinling " 10, solid for Northen Song Dynasty " Tian Shengling " , add after " your " for the Tang Dynasty " leave yuan your " , this makes " Tang Ling " recover from an illness and consider to enter a new historical period.
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