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Song Dai studies primary historical materials
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(main content hires chief editor of confessional Mr Shou Yi " Chinese general history " the 7th, always the 11st the first chapter the 3rd, "Note " the part is added oneself for bright place. )

A " Song Shi " , " biographical sketch "
One, " Song Shi " : Yuan take off act according to imperial order to make up write, 496. Yuan to 5 years (1345) into, last a period of time 2 years half. Detailed at Northen Song Dynasty, slightly at the Southern Song Dynasty, later period of the Southern Song Dynasty especially scanty slightly, to with careless miscellaneous celebrated.
Note: " Song Shi " fundamental condition and ever since past dynasties writes the brief introduction that make good omissions again, gentleman of badge of visible Zhang Shun " history of Chinese ancient time is lifted should " , Mr Chai Degeng " history is lifted should " relevant and paragraphic.

2, " Song Shi ala " : Clear Liu Xinyuan is written, 40. According to Song Renwen data of collect, history and a chronicle of sb's life, local records is " Song Shi " fill send 781 people (add send 64 people) , can fill " Song Shi " insufficient.
Note: Two generation repair bright Qing Dynasty again Song Shi's character is numerous, did not become a book more. The person that had become a book namely, elder scholar also does not have enough by its more people's expectations (Bi Yuan " add endowment controls a warning " be like for only exception) , and this writes land family name element is enjoyed your praise.

3, " east biographical sketch " : King of the Southern Song Dynasty says (this word impeach) write, 130. Northen Song Dynasty of history presented in a series of biographies history. Without annals, watch. When person its " believe and have proof " . A few historical data is " Song Shi " be not had may correct " Song Shi " break.

B " long make up "
4, " add endowment treats an ancient bronze mirror to grow make up " : Dao of plum of the Southern Song Dynasty is written, 520. Chun Xi 10 years (1183) into the book. Clear official of 4 libraries house from " always happy grand ceremony " in volume goes, new-model cent coils, already comfort breaks badge an administrative unit in Xizang, Qin Zong Zong Sanchao of two face and Ying Zong, god an administrative unit in Xizang, sagacious each one part. Saved a large number of historical data, weigh for academic place.
Add: " emperor Song Tongjian grows ins and outs of the thing that compile record " : Fine of intermediate of poplar of the Southern Song Dynasty is occupied " add endowment treats an ancient bronze mirror to grow make up " make up write, by face each distribute thing item, although too ancestor, too ancestor, Zong Sichao of sagacious an administrative unit in Xizang, badge in all comfort 8, additional 2 also incomplete faults,

C " should record " , " collection of alliance of 3 day north "
5, " build phlogistic since department year should record " : Heart of plum of the Southern Song Dynasty is passed write, 200. Annals of Gao Zongyi face. Make an appointment with Jia Dingyuan year (1208) into the book. Saved the Southern Song Dynasty initial stage and send into battle and historical data.
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